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Henrikson Talks About AvP

Cinescape has just reported what Lance Henrikson has said about his character in the Alien vs Predator movie. Here’s an extract:

“I don’t play Bishop in this movie, I play the man who created him,” the actor revealed to Fangoria. Henriksen plays Charles Wayland, a billionaire that shares one of the same surnames of the company that’s been behind the human casualties in the first three ALIEN pictures, Wayland-Yutani. Ever since the name of Henriksen’s character was announced, ALIEN fans have been wondering if Charles Wayland would be connected to the Weyland-Yutani corporation — and if there was more to the casting of the same actor who played the part of the synthetic Bishop in ALIENS and one of the ruthless company’s founders. Henriksen’s revelation means there is more to this role, and his playing of it, than meets the eye.

To read the full article at Fangoria, Click Here.

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