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Welcome Back…

As most of you know, Aliens Vs Predator Galaxy has had some serious hosting problems but now I’m back. I’ve redesigned the way I post news to allow multiple users to post so I’m looking for a couple of people to post news on the website. I need someone who’s up-to-date on the Aliens Vs Predator scene and generally on the internet a lot. Some html knowledge is preferable but not essential. If you’ve got the time, send me an email. As for the site, I’m currently creating a brand new section for the Alien vs Predator movie.

A new feature I’ve added to the site is that people can now post comments relating to one of the news posts. Underneath each post, is a link to where you can view and post your views. I’ve reworked all the links on the website and I haven’t checked that they all work so please contact me if there’s a broken link. The web host I’m on also displays a popup ad on entry to the site but it does go away automatically after a few seconds.

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