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Stan Winston on AvP Movie

Stan Winston recently had a chat with Movie Hole in which he mentioned Alien vs Predator:

“One film Winston’s a little disappointed he didn’t get asked to be a part of was the upcoming “Aliens vs. Predator”. “I wanted to be involved in that so badly”, he confesses. “I mean I created the Predator. I drew him up on a plane ride with Jim Cameron. And then Aliens, I created the Queen. So they’re like my babies, so I wasn’t very happy that I’m not asked to be a part of it. Pride of Ownership, I guess. Still, I wish them the best of luck, and just hope they do the film some justice”. Winston’s crossing his fingers they do follow-up “Predator” and “Aliens” movies so that he might get a chance to work alongside his “babies” again.”

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