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Offical Release of AvP Extinction

Today is the official release of the strategy game AvP Extinction for Playstation 2 format across North America. The X-Box version will follow on 5th August.

“The three fiercest species in the universe have been locked in a bloody conflict for many years and with each new encounter, it seems the on-going conflict will never end. After a small unit of Colonial Marines, dispatched to planet LV-742, reveals the presence of both Predators and Aliens, so it is decided that the conflict must end once and for all. After years of battles, there is only one option you can take – that’s war. You must now defeat your enemies to ensure the survival of your species. or face extinction.”

Gamespot – 7.2/10
IGN – 6.1/10 – 7/10

IGN – Features five video clips of footage.
Gamespot – Another five clips of AvP Extinction.

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