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Alien Isolation is an upcoming survival horror game developed by Creative Assembly and published by Sega. Keeping reading AvPGalaxy for all the latest news and rumours on the Alien Isolation game.
artwork74 A collection of over 40 concept art images by Alien: Isolation’s artist, Bradley Wright, have now been uploaded online. You can check the full batch at the artist’s portfolio here or below at our galleries. Some of these images reveal key moments from the game so be aware of spoilers.... [Read More]
isolationreleased Today is the officially the day that Alien Isolation is released worldwide! Reviews have been almost overwhelmingly positive, praising the scary atmosphere, level of fan service and the sound design. Let us know if you’ve picked up yet and be sure to post your reviews in the Fan Reviews thread.... [Read More]
Alien Isolation Launch Trailer Sega have posted one final trailer before Alien Isolation is released tomorrow (though some of you may be playing it now if you have Steam). The trailer shows the best bits from the opening of the game inter-cut with the positive review scores. It does look very cinematic and you’ll... [Read More]
featured A video preview of The Art of Alien Isolation (mini version) has recently been uploaded onto Youtube. It shows unseen character, weapon and environment art from Alien: Isolation so watch out for potential spoilers. The standard version of the artbook can currently be pre-ordered from Amazon for $25.63/£20.39. A limited edition... [Read More]
Alien Isolation Review Roundup The review embargo for Alien Isolation has officially lifted! So far, the reviews are mostly positive though the big sites like IGN and Gamespot have given mixed reviews. Alien Isolation currently has a metacritic score of 80, with 16 positive reviews and 5 mixed reviews. The positive points include the tense eerie atmosphere, and the music/sound.... [Read More]
Alien Isolation Day One Patch Notes It appears when you get Alien Isolation next Tuesday, you will also need to download a day one patch for it. The patch notes below were leaked online but the page has since been removed. It reportedly fixes various bugs in the singleplayer campaign. For those worried about the lip-sync issues you... [Read More]
Alien Isolation Story Playthrough – First 20 Minutes According to reports, game reviewers have got their hands on Alien Isolation last week but we don’t know when the review embargo will be lifted. Today, the first 20 minutes of Alien Isolation have now been posted by Youtube user PewDiePie, with the approval of Sega. It starts with .... [Read More]
Alien Isolation Extended TV Advert – Distress You may be seeing plenty of Alien Isolation television adverts in Europe and North America starting this week. Sega has released the extended cut of the advert online which you can see below. The action-packed advert entitled “Distress” features Amanda Ripley narrating with creepy scenes of the xenomorph lurking around Sevastopol. Thanks... [Read More]
First Alien: Isolation Screenshots on PS3 Alien: Isolation is less than two weeks away, consequently early copies of the game have started to slowly make their way to the surface including what appears to be a Russian version of the game on PS3.  Alien: Isolation has yet to be officially shown on PS3 or X360, making these fan... [Read More]
2_1404833866 Alien: Isolation was recently showcased at EGX London where fans where able to go hands-on with the game. Creative Assembly also hosted a panel at the UK event, giving an in-depth look of Alien: Isolation. You can watch a full recording of the developer session below which includes unseen concept... [Read More]
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