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Latest News

Sega and Creative Assembly have released the first of their insider videos today in which the UK studio goes behind the scenes of Alien: Isolation. In this video, Creative Assembly gives us a look at the Alien itself and how they re-created it for their upcoming game. You can watch it below or download it in full HD here.

Additionally, Creative Assembly will be soon recording the first of an upcoming podcast series with several key members of the Alien: Isolation team. You can take part on the podcast by sending your questions to community@alienisolation.com with the subject title: PRIORITY ONE: Creating the Alien, before 11:59PM GMT, on the 23rd March, 2014.

A new piece of concept art from Alien: Isolation has been released today as a wallpaper for your desktop or mobile device. You can download the wallpaper in your desired resolution at the official website.

aiwallpaper - New Alien: Isolation Concept Art Released [Updated]

In related news, Creative Assembly has also recently released a studio snapshot where you can see a real-life replica of Amanda Ripley’s in-game costume. Be sure to click the read more button to see it.

Update 10/03/14: A new piece of concept art has been released today to promote an upcoming developer diary: “This coming Thursday, our next Insider Video – ‘Creating the Alien’ – will be focused on giving you a preview of the finer details on our Alien.

artwork21 - New Alien: Isolation Concept Art Released [Updated]

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Amazon has just put Alien – River of Pain, the third and final novel in Titan’s new Alien trilogy, up for pre-order. On that page are our first details of the upcoming novel:

The Alien film franchise has been embraced by sci-fi fans around the world. The film series stars Lieutenant Ellen Ripley and her battles with the deadly Xenomorph, commonly referred to as the Alien. For the first time, this novel will reveal the secrets behind the colonization of LV-426, the planet where the Alien was first found in Alien, and the setting for Aliens where a sole survivor was discovered – a young girl named Newt.”

Coverart for Christopher Golden's Alien - River of Pain - Alien - River of Pain Details

Cover art for Christopher Golden’s Alien – River of Pain

Written by Christopher Golden, River of Pain is due out in November 2014. Thanks to Ultramorph for the news.

I have just uploaded a review for Tim Lebbon and Titan’s latest Alien novel, Out of the Shadows. Released earlier this year in January, Out of the Shadows takes place prior to Aliens and takes the controversial idea of bringing Ripley into the foray:

“It was nice to see story elements where encounters with the Alien truly take their toll – something I don’t think we see quite enough – and it all built up towards the big red button moment in a logical and believable way. However, despite how well Tim Lebbon wrote Ripley and how much I enjoyed getting inside her head, I really don’t see why Ripley’s character had to be included. The plot would not have lost much without her.”

It isn’t all doom-and-gloom however, as Tim managed to craft some great new characters and write a really enjoyable story. You can find more of my thoughts in our review section. Beware minor spoilers

Tim Lebbon also took the time to sit down and answer some of our questions in a follow-up interview: “They wanted the story set between the first two films, suggested that the android we all know and love had inserted himself into the shuttle’s computer, and also mentioned the necessity that Ripley could not remember what happens to her in this book.” Beware significant spoilers!

Creative Assembly has been releasing a series of teasers this week in which the studio hints at things that will be happening in the world of Alien: Isolation in the coming months. Below you can find a collection of all the bits revealed this week:

  • Day 1: A few seconds of footage showing the Alien model. Watch it here.
  • Day 2: Teaser posters at Creative Assembly. Check it here.
  • Day 3: Audio teaser featuring 35 seconds of atmospheric music. Listen here.
  • Day 4: “We’ll do the talking, if you do the listening...”. Studio photo here.
  • Day 5: New screenshot from the game.

Day 5 - Alien: Isolation Tease Week Recap

On February 12 at the Ray Dolby Theatre in Soho (London), part of the team behind Alien: Isolation stood up before an assembly of fans to give them a behind the scenes look at Creative Assembly’s upcoming game. Our very own Valaquen was part of the public attending this lecture event organized by Develop Online:

Getting discovered is always fatal. The Alien lets out a frightening roar (an original sound which I approve of) and its footfalls turn into a rapid drumming. It’s amazing to see how disorientating the gameplay suddenly becomes in these moments – the camera jerks back and forth as Ripley runs, her panicked breaths become sharper and sharper and the killing blow is instant and decisive. We were treated to a few impalings, with the Alien’s tail bursting through Ripley’s guts. Another kill saw the Alien snake around Ripley’s body and leer in her dying vision.

Be sure to click here for Valaquen’s full report on “An Audience with Alien: Isolation“.

It looks like 2014 is going to be a busy year for Alien fans! We’ve had the recent announcements from NECA, a brand new trilogy from Titan (and reprints of Alan Dean Foster’s original novelizations), the Miniatures Game, Isolation, Dark Horse’s new series’, S.D Perry’s “The Weyland-Yutani Report”…it just keeps piling on! Fox have just announced a new book, The Archive:

The cover for Alien - The Archive by Mark Salisbury - Alien - The Archive Announced

The cover for Alien – The Archive by Mark Salisbury

“Titan Books will release all-new canon fiction novels based on the film franchise, followed by a 35th anniversary retrospective called “ALIEN: Archives,” which will be the most comprehensive book ever created about the ALIEN franchise with new exclusive interviews with Ridley Scott and Sigourney Weaver and content that has never been released.”

There’s no official release from Titan yet but keep watching this space. Mark Salisbury also wrote Prometheus – Art of the Film for Titan last year. Thanks to DreadCentral and Cvalda for the news.

According to Destroy Comics, Paul Hope will be doing a cover for Dark Horse’s new Prometheus comic series. Below is our first look at his new cover:

Paul Hope's Prometheus cover. Inks by Thomas Ragon. - Paul Hope Doing Prometheus Cover

Paul Hope’s Prometheus cover. Inks by Thomas Ragon.

Thomas Ragon has done the inkwork for this. You can see more of Paul’s artwork at his website Galerie 9 Art. The new series is due out June/July this year. Thanks to Ultramorph for the news.

Following on from the recent Aliens Series #3 announcement, NECA has also dropped the massive bombshell that is their acquiring of the rights to use Sigourney Weaver likeness for their ever expanding line of Alien figures:

“After yesterday’s little hint, we can finally reveal the news! As part of the 35th anniversary celebration of ALIEN, we have attained the holy grail of action figures, if you will — the first-ever figures of Lt. Ellen Ripley that feature the likeness and approval of actress Sigourney Weaver!”

NECA's Alien 30th Anniversary special release Power-Loader - NECA Acquire Sigourney Weaver's Likeness

NECA’s Alien 30th Anniversary special release Power-Loader

To add to this they also revealed via Twitter that we’ll be seeing multiple variants of Ripley. Whilst there have been previous Ripley figures (Kenner and Hasbro) none have ever featured her likeness.

Further special releases to commemorate the 35th Anniversary of Alien include a “deluxe boxed” Alien Queen in July and the Power-Loader (above) just after. All this comes just after Toy Fair 2014. Be sure to check out Figures.com extensive galleries from the event.

  • NECA has revealed the third series of their Alien action figures. The figures include Kane in the Nostromo Spacesuit, Bishop from Aliens and the Dog Alien from Alien 3. Figures stand 7″ – 9″ tall and are fully articulated. The expected release date is July 2014.
  • An Aliens Video Slot has been revealed at ICE Totally Gaming this month. The game will officially be launched on 24th April 2014. You can watch the trailer here.
  •  An Aliens iOS/Android project by Sega and Hardlight has surfaced online via the developer’s website. When inquired about the project, Surface Digital told us that the project “was” concept only.

Thanks to Ja and Predarker for the news.

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