• <h2>Alien Isolation Story Playthrough – First 20 Minutes</h2><span class='featuredexcerpt'>According to reports, game reviewers have got their hands on Alien Isolation last week but we don’t know when the review embargo will be lifted. Today, the […]</span>
  • <h2>First Alien: Isolation Screenshots on PS3</h2><span class='featuredexcerpt'>Alien: Isolation is less than two weeks away, consequently early copies of the game have started to slowly make their way to the surface including what appears […]</span>
  • <h2>Inside the Alien vs Predator Halloween Maze</h2><span class='featuredexcerpt'>The Halloween Horror Nights event featuring an Alien vs Predator attraction is now under way at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida and Hollywood, California. The funhouse in Hollywood is based around […]</span>
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Alien Isolation is an upcoming survival horror game developed by Creative Assembly and published by Sega. Keeping reading AvPGalaxy for all the latest news and rumours on the Alien Isolation game.
New AvP2 Trailer Online! Looks like a new AvPR trailer has made its way online. It definitely isn’t the green-band trailer but it does include some of the footage from it. It’s a pretty cool trailer. Shows off the life of people in Gunnison. We see things like Kelly coming home and Ricky with... [Read More]
Dark Horse Updates What can I say? We seem to get all the news in big sprouts. AvP2 news all in one, then merch news. Go figure. Anyway, we’ve known about it for ages but Dark Horse has finally put a profile page up for Steve Perry’s new Predator novel: “Deep in the... [Read More]
AvP-R Trading Cards Well Inkworks has finally put its AvP Requiem page online. There’s not much at the moment. We’ve got what looks like part of a promo card and set details. The page includes information on the rest of the cards available in the set with chase sets such as Battlefield on... [Read More]
New Gina Holden AvP2 Interview There’s a new interview with Gina Holden (she plays Carrie Adams in AvP2) over on FEARnet. She talks about her character and her time filming the scenes. Do you have a favorite memory from the set of Alien vs. Predator 2? “I’d have to say that sitting with one of... [Read More]
New Predator vs Predalien Picture A new image of the Predator fighting the Predalien has surfaced. This photo is taken from a german movie magazine. It looks to be from the scene in which a previously released still takes place. You can see the entire image here. Doesn’t look like there is much difference between... [Read More]
UK Release, Int. Trailer + Picture Just had an email from a company handling the online marketing for the UK release. Nothing new really. Release date is January 18th 2008 as we already established. They also supplied the international trailer in a variety of formats and included this huge high-res image of the Predalien vs Predator... [Read More]
No Cameos in AvPR With their main interview online, MTV has also posted up a new article talking about the potential cameos that could have happened in AvPR: “We actually went after a couple of people that would have been really cool cameos,” revealed Greg Strause. “One of which blew us off,” shrugged Colin.... [Read More]
New AvP2 Release Date: 18-Jan-08? A couple of reports over at Bloody-Disgusting and at Arrow In The Head are saying that Fox have shifted the release date from December 25th to January 18th. If this is true, I guess they’ll have to change greenband trailer and what about the movie title? The January 18th release... [Read More]
High-Res MTV AvP2 Image Just a little update. Fox sent us a higher-res image of the picture seen on MTV.com. The one on MTV was slightly cropped too. You can now see the Predator’s hand on the left and a bit more of the alien on the right. Check it out in the gallery.... [Read More]
MTV AvP2 Interview Okay, this one really deserves a news post of its own considering the amount of spoilers in this MTV Interview. Directors Greg and Colin Strause talked to MTV: “Type the words “Alien” and “Predator” into Google, and three thoughts on the state of the franchise become clear: The fans consider... [Read More]
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