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Latest News

Hicks over at Alien Experience has done a lenghty article about the stunts in AvP2. They’ve spoken to a few stunt-related crew members. The article doesn’t give a whole lot away though. It’s more about stunts in general rather than any specifically related to AvP2. A little too technical for me.  :wink: - The Stunts of AvP2 Article There’s a couple of semi-new points:

-Stunt performer James Bamford mentioned one scene he did while working on AvP2: “I was attacked by an alien in the rain and was jerked into an alleyway on a wire and bounced off the wall.”
-Tom Woodruff and Ian Whyte performed most of the stunt work themselves.
-Jeff Habberstad says that AvP2 can be a stand-alone film but the story of the first one continues to be told. Make of that comment what you will.

Head over to AXP to read the article in full.

So you visit AvPGalaxy for the up-to-date news about Alien and Predator? Well, now is the time to give something to our loyal visitors. We’re giving away three copies of the up-and-coming AvP Omnibus Volume 1. All you need to do is answer a series of multi-choice questions. The three people who get the most correct win a copy of the AvP Omnibus each. In the event of a tie, winners will be decided by random.

The AvP Omnibus is a must have for any Alien vs Predator fan. A collection of several lengthy comics that helped launched the AvP franchise, the Omnibus is the perfect way to see how the franchise was born. I recently got my review copy and have been very impressed with it.

There are no location restrictions, but you must be a member of AvPGalaxy to enter. So what are you waiting for? Go enter the competition!

Here you are guys, an interview with a legend around the AvP community. That’s right, I recently got chance to talk to none other than Steve Perry!

“AvPGalaxy – What prompted you to want to play in the Aliens/Predator sandbox again?

Steve Perry – They asked, and it had been a while, so I thought it would be fun. Plus my daughter got another book from them, and I thought it would be cool to have us both showing up again and confusing people, since she writes under “S.D. Perry.” Lot of folks think we are the same person.”

Be sure to read the rest of the interview. We talk about his work with the Aliens and AvP novels, plus his upcoming Predator Turnabout.

Another week has passed and Colin Strause has answered more questions in our Q&A Thread.

  • They were hoping to get the edit locked down last month so that full scoring and sound design can be finalised for music composer Brian Tyler.
  • When asked whether the Predator would have acid-proof weaponry/armour, Colin said the Predator would be “well prepared for battle”.
  • About the Predator facial characteristics, the Predator in AvP2 is their own unique design – Similar to the Predators in the first two films – Wiser in his years. The Predator’s face will be fully animatronic including its eyes.
  • We will see chains in the sewers or elsewhere – reference to Alien.
  • The colour of the aliens are “blackish silver”. The slightly different colour seen in the ADI Book picture is due to the set lighting.
  • Talented comic-book artists were hired to help the directors with their storyboards. They also did CGI pre-vis for the big sequences and pre-edited a huge portion of the film before they started filming.

In other news, Greg Strause said on IMDB today that the AvP2 poster is being worked on. The poster and the AvP2 website should be up soon.


New R1 DVD Re-Releases

DVD / Blu-Ray News | By Darkness on 05 May 2007 10:18 PM

Seems Fox are also re-releasing the Alien/Predator/AvP films on DVD in the US too. Alien, AvP and Predator are being re-released on June 5, 2007 with a retail price of $11.98. They’re also releasing a new Predator Boxset at some point with a retail price of $31.98.

 - New R1 DVD Re-Releases

I doubt there’s anything new in them but it’s worth posting because of the new artwork. The Predator Boxset looks nice. No news on whether the other films are being re-released or not. Thanks to Corporal Hicks for the news.

We should all know of the two up-and-coming Aliens novels from DH Press, but so far we only know of the one Predator novel. Well, not anymore, we’ve got a third Predator novel to look forward to:

“The book is tentatively entitled Turnabout, and that’s pretty much all I can tell you until it’s a little further along, except that if you like Stephen Hunter’s character Bob Lee “The Nailer” Swagger — from Hunter’s books (not the movie version, Shooter), you might have a fun time with the Predator book …”

To be written by Steve and Stephani Perry, the legendary authors who started off the original Aliens novel line and created the popular Yautja culture. Turnabout will probably be released sometime next year. You can check out Steve Perry’s blog here. Thanks to Hicks at AXP.

Can’t believe we’re even discussing AvP3 already but Greg Strause left a couple of interesting comments on the IMDB Boards. It’s no secret the Strause Brothers tried to go after the first AvP before Anderson came along. IMDB User Docta_Jekyll was asking about this and if any elements of their original pitch made it into AvP2. Greg Strause said: “Yes, we did pitch on the orig. We’re saving that idea for the future….”. SiL then asked if they had the intention of returning to the franchise and Greg replied: “I guess that all depends….”. Interesting nonetheless. I wonder what their pitch involved.

Update: Greg: “Well, Colin and I are not the final authority on this, but that would be our preference. The problem with movies that take place in space is cost – they require huge budgets, and are hence quite risky. There have been a good share of big budget sci-fi bombs over the last few years… but ultimately it will depend on the sucess of AVP2…”

In other news, Colin has been giving away a few more details in our forum this week. Firstly, no news on an AvP2 website, it’s still too early for that; There will be similar sound effects to the originals in AvP2; The Predator will get some new equipment/weapons in AvP2; The Predator wristblades will be like the original Predator and not as long as they were in AvP; the Predator’s thermal vision will definitely be blue and not orange as in AvP but there will also be other visions. There’s a lot more stuff on the forum, check out this thread where you can submit your questions to Colin.

I remember way back in January, I suspected an underwater scene would appear in AvP2. Alien Experience is now reporting that it will be a big action sequence:

“The scene is just mentioned in a passing glance as one of the films shot in the Vancouver area that features underwater filming, but I’ve asked around and it seems it all boils down to one scene that features some mayham, carnage, and of course, people dying.” says Hicks.

I loved the scene in Alien Resurrection though and I wouldn’t mind seeing the aliens back underwater again. Let’s hope it’s a great sequence. Thanks to Darkoo for the news.

As you AvPG visitors should know by know, John Shirley – author of Predator Forever Midnight – has written an Aliens novel. Sometime ago we found out about this novel and have since revealed plot details and cover art. Finally, the novel has gotten a page on the Dark Horse site:

“Someone on Earth knew about the aliens. Someone battled them, and survived. Before Ripley, there was a first encounter. Aliens and humans have fought before. . . When a human spaceship discovers a vast egg-shaped vessel in Saturn’s orbit, the crew powers in to investigate. Thinking the ship might contain usable metal for Earth, they force their way aboard. Three teams split up to explore the ship. Already the aliens have awoken. The first of all the battles unfolds.”

The page also includes an image of the novel’s final cover art. You can view the profile page on the Dark Horse website. For some reason though, the novel isn’t up on the DH Press website yet. Steel Egg is due out in october.

Look what we have here. You may remember ADI brought out a book around the time AvP was released called “The Creature Effects of ADI”. Well, they’re bringing another one out for AvP2. There’s two pictures on the right panel that are from AvP2, right? Okay, the Predator picture is too small to see anything but at least it’s something. :wink: - New AvP2 Pictures In ADI Book

 - New AvP2 Pictures In ADI Book

“Alien vs. Predator: Survival of the Fittest is the upcoming sequel to 2004′s Alien vs. Predator film. In this follow-up to the worldwide hit ALIEN VS. PREDATOR, the iconic monsters from two of the scariest film franchises ever, wage war in an American Midwestern town ”” with the residents caught in the middle.”

Notice that they’re also using the “Survival of the Fittest” tagline on the book. Special thanks to Harry72 from AliensVsPredator.de for finding this.

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