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Alien Isolation is an upcoming survival horror game developed by Creative Assembly and published by Sega. Keeping reading AvPGalaxy for all the latest news and rumours on the Alien Isolation game.
Dave Dorman on AvPR Predalien This is some interesting news. Dave Dorman, you remember him? He’s a great sci-fi illustrator/painter (check out Aliens: Tribes). He was also one of the first people to design a Predalien. According to a post on his blog, he actually offered to work on AvPR but he was turned down!... [Read More]
AvPR Article in Empire Magazine There’s a new article about AvPR in this month’s Empire Magazine. Empire spoke with the directors and some of the cast from the movie. There’s also a couple of new pictures: One of Kelly aiming a gun out of a helicopter and the other of her daughter Molly running in... [Read More]
New Reproduction Cycle Well the community has been abuzz with speculation regarding a caption on one of the USA Today photos regarding the Predalien “The new creature can regurgitate in it’s victim’s mouth”. I recently dropped Colin a line to ask what’s what and he sent me this: “This was suppose to be... [Read More]
New AvP2 Predalien Images! Here’s the first real look at the Alien/Predator hybrid courtesy of USAToday. USAToday also have four more clear pictures of the hybrid and they did a little interview with Greg/Colin Strause. Check the other images out on the next page. Thanks to Darkoo, Simon and Innerchaos for the news. EDIT:... [Read More]
New Hybrid Image + High-Res Versions 20th Century Fox have just sent us a new production still of the hybrid from AvP Requiem. Check it out below: Looks pretty good, eh? That’s not all, they also sent us four of the images I posted below in higher-res. They look pretty good. Check them all out in... [Read More]
AvP Requiem Soundtrack Announced Record label Varèse Sarabande have announced the release of the AvP Requiem soundtrack. It will be available to buy on December 11, 2007. ALIENS VS. PREDATOR: REQUIEM Original Motion Picture Soundtrack The epic score by composer Brian Tyler is truly apocalyptic. Its a massive, driving, powerful orchestra assault that adds... [Read More]
Tom Woodruff on AvP2 Props There’s an interesting video segment on IllusionTV.com. Basically, Tom Woodruff from ADI talks us through the three replica props (the Mask, Shoulder Cannon and Shuriken) from Sideshow Collectibles. How they work and how similar they are to the movie. Thanks to Illusion for the news. [Read More]
AvPGalaxy Interview with Brian Tyler Corporal Hicks got the chance to interview music composer Brian Tyler about his work on AvP Requiem. He just finished recording the score last week and we even have some pictures of them recording the AvPR score. AvPGalaxy – How long did it take you to actually write the score…?... [Read More]
Strauses Presenting AVPR at LA Con Seems the Strause Brothers will be presenting AvP Requiem at the Los Angeles Comic Book and Sci-Fi Convention on Sunday, November 4th in Shrine Hall at 1PM. They will show film clips, discuss the making of the film, and take any questions. Fox may have give-aways from AVPR, and the... [Read More]
NECA Predator Figure Having just released a boat load of nifty images for their Aliens Warrior figure, NECA has just released its first official image of it’s Wolf figure, unmasked: It’s a lot easier to see his missing tusk and the acid scars on his face but IMHO it looks a wee bit... [Read More]
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