• Gearbox Responds to Aliens Colonial Marines Lawsuit

    Gearbox Responds to Aliens Colonial Marines Lawsuit

    You may remember the class action lawsuit against Gearbox and Sega that was filed in April 2013 by Roger Damion Perrine and John Locke stating both companies falsely […]
  • Alien: Isolation SDCC’14 Comic Preview

    Alien: Isolation SDCC’14 Comic Preview

    Creative Assembly have revealed a new prequel comic to Alien: Isolation at San Diego Comic-Con this year. The 22-page comic, which fans were able to obtain for […]
  • Alien – Sea of Sorrows Giveaway

    Alien – Sea of Sorrows Giveaway

    AvPGalaxy and Titan are teaming up to give away three copies of their latest Alien novel, Sea of Sorrows: “As a deputy commissioner for the ICC, Alan […]
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Alien Isolation is an upcoming survival horror game developed by Creative Assembly and published by Sega. Keeping reading AvPGalaxy for all the latest news and rumours on the Alien Isolation game.
AvP PSP IGN Preview + Screenshots IGN have published an Hands-On Preview of Aliens vs Predator for PSP. Gives away some info about the game but says Sierra have still a lot to do as there were a lot of bugs in the game. IGN has also six new screenshots. “A Predator ship hauling some mothballed... [Read More]
New AvP2 Title: Aliens vs Predator Requiem Looks like AvP2 has got itself yet another new title: Aliens vs Predator Requiem. The name was featured in Entertainment Weekly’s latest magazine. (There’s no major article or anything, just a name-drop). Also on their website, they have the film listed as Aliens vs Predator Requiem in their Release Calendar... [Read More]
Gina Holden Interview In a recent interview about her upcoming role in the remake of Flash Gordon, AsvP actress Gina Holden talked briefly about Aliens vs Predator to iF Magazine: “It premieres at the end of December. It was a fantastic experience because I’m such a big ALIEN fan. The whole casting process... [Read More]
Aliens Criminal Enterprise Dark Horse has updated their website for a profile page for the previously unannounced Aliens novel from Stephani Perry, Criminal Enterprise: “Thomas Chase wakes up from cryosleep to his first day at a new job–as a pilot for a contraband drug company dropping a shipment on Fantasia, a rock-planet terraformed... [Read More]
Sierra AvP PSP Site The publisher for the new AvP PSP game, Sierra, has put up a Profile Page on their site for the game. Here’s the main blurb and there’s five pictures on there too. Based on the second blockbuster film from 20th Century Fox opening December, 2007, Aliens vs. Predator, is an... [Read More]
The New Additional Scenes Just a little update on the whole situation. Colin posted earlier today and said everything should still be on course for this month with the trailer. If it doesn’t come out this month, don’t say I didn’t warn you all. Anyway, that’s not my main news. I’ve got another revelation.... [Read More]
Bad News About The Trailer So, it’s been two weeks after Comic-Con and I think everybody is understandably pissed off we’ve got no trailer. Well here’s some news to piss you off even more. We spoke to somebody at Fox and asked them what’s happening with it. First they told us, that they were hoping... [Read More]
Possible UK Release Date Okay, got a short piece of news here for you guys. The Odeon Cinema release sheet has Aliens vs Predator as being released on the 18th of January. Once again, this is a friday release date but has just been pushed back two weeks. From what I could see, it... [Read More]
Brian Tyler Talks AvP2 There’s a new audio interview with AvP2 music composer Brian Tyler over at ScoreNotes.com. You can download the MP3 (16MB) and listen to it as a podcast if you like. He talks about AvP2 between 3:50-8:00. It’s similar stuff to what he’s said in previous interviews. He says the Alien... [Read More]
AvP – Sand Trap Seems that Civilized Beasts isn’t the only Alien vs Predator comic making its way to us in the upcoming months. I’m not sure where this has come from, but news of a new comic called Sand Trap has made it’s way to a site called Vision Thread: “A weary band... [Read More]
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