• The Life of Bolaji Badejo: The Man Behind the Xenomorph

    The Life of Bolaji Badejo: The Man Behind the Xenomorph

    Our very own Valaquen has written an extremely well-researched article on his Strange Shapes blog about the life of Bolaji Badejo. For those Alien fans out there, Badejo […]
  • A behind-the-scenes look at Alien: Isolation’s “Improvise” Trailer

    A behind-the-scenes look at Alien: Isolation’s “Improvise” Trailer

    Concept designer and illustrator, Maciej Kuciara, has recently posted a collection of concept art from his work for Creative Assembly’s recent “Improvise” CGI trailer for Alien: Isolation, […]
  • New Alien: Isolation Trailer, Screenshots and B-Roll Released

    New Alien: Isolation Trailer, Screenshots and B-Roll Released

    Sega and Creative Assembly have released a new CGI trailer, batch of screenshots and over 10 minutes of gameplay footage today to promote Alien: Isolation‘s appearance at […]
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Alien Isolation is an upcoming survival horror game developed by Creative Assembly and published by Sega. Keeping reading AvPGalaxy for all the latest news and rumours on the Alien Isolation game.
The Green-Band Trailer Don’t get your hopes up, it’s not online.  :sad: The trailer was shown before Death Sentence and a few people have posted descriptions of it in the forum (here and here). It’s the same trailer that Arrow in the Head posted about last week. AdamJZ’s description sums it up quite... [Read More]
AvP-R International Trailer The AvP2 International Trailer has made its way onto various movie websites including TheMovieBox and RopeofSilicon. It’s the same trailer that was on YouTube – From Giga.de. But this time it’s in better quality. The only additional scenes from the US version is the shot of the ship crashing onto... [Read More]
AvP2 R-Rated Trailer Review Hicks over at Alien Experience has done a great review of the R-Rated Trailer. Covers a lot of points including the positives and negatives of the trailer and what we learnt. “The first obvious positive note about the trailer itself is the level of hardcore action, reaffirming the promised R-rating... [Read More]
New Trailer with Death Sentence As I pointed out last week, the green-band trailer will be shown with Death Sentence which comes out Friday. Here’s your proof: a Trailer Programming Info Sheet found by JaredK21 on the forum. Look under Death Sentence and you’ll find Alien vs Predator Requiem. It also says that it will... [Read More]
NECA Announce AvPR Figures Well we’ve all known about it for sometime but NECA has finally announced its upcoming AvP Requiem series: “This winter, the two most devastating forces in the galaxy face off again, and the human race must scramble to survive in Aliens Vs. Predator: Requiem. NECA officially announced that we would... [Read More]
AvP2 Trailer Analysis I have to admit, overall, I thought the trailer was great. Lots of cool things in it. I loved the blue thermal vision. If anything, the movie will have more action than AvP and especially gore. Some CGI effects were a bit iffy for me. Anyway, many of you may... [Read More]
AvP2 R-Rated Trailer!!! Here it is! The moment we’ve been waiting for all year. The AvP2 R-Rated Trailer first made its way onto Youtube. Not sure how it got there. IGN then officially launched it at 1AM in perfect high quality. There’s even a HD version for you to download. The Official AvP-R... [Read More]
Predalien Vs Predator!!! The marketing campaign has officially begun! IGN have got their hands on a new production still from AvP2 that features the Predalien fighting with the Predator! Looks absolutely amazing. Looks as if the Predator has an alien’s tail through its chest as well and the Predator has impaled the hybrid... [Read More]
AvP2 Trailer Tomorrow! I don’t want to get excited just yet but the AvP2 Trailer could very well be online tomorrow! It’s the full R-Rated version, as well. Colin spoke earlier this week on IMDB that the trailer could very well be out this week and we confirmed that with Fox. Tomorrow could... [Read More]
AvP2 Trailer Description? Arrow in the Head received an account of what the AvP2 preview trailer will show. Take this as unconfirmed for now: “It starts with: ”˜In space…’Then a shot of what looks like a Predator spaceship on fire, flying towards earth. Then: ”˜No one can here you scream’. Then shows the... [Read More]
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