AvP2 Predator Walkthrough

Posted by Darkness on October 10, 2002 (Updated: 01-Jun-2014)

Level 5: Old Debts

 AvP2 Predator Walkthrough  AvP2 Predator Walkthrough

Quick Facts:
Date: January 06, 2231
Time: 11:25 PM
Incident: +6 weeks, 18.25 hours
Hunt: +5 weeks, 1 day, 18 hours
Location: Canyon beside the Pods leading to the canyon heights

The Mission Objectives:
1. Find high ground and signal your clan.
2. Restore the transmitter’s power.
3. Use the transmitter to contact your clan.
4. Recover your mask to restore your honor.

When you start the mission, go along to the right and through the fencing and drop down into the hole. You are now deep inside the Alien Hive. Switch to your Alien Vision mode and get your Shoulder Cannon weapon ready. Proceed along the tunnel until you come to a big area or opening. You now need to get to the other side. Be careful and watch out for numerous Aliens which attack you on the way. Head left and follow the tunnel around until you get to another opening. Leap on the rocks to get to the top. Turn left and continue until you get to an opening on your right. Head on through and go left and you’ll fall into a pool of water. Swim out and explore and find the exit at the right-hand side. Keep going until you reach some pipes. Go straight ahead until you reach the pipeline. Head down and climb up the ladders and go right, along the pipes. Eventually in the middle of the pipe a Predalien will appear in front of you and to make that worse another one will appear from behind you. Kill both of them and continue along the pipe.

Kill the Aliens that attack you and continue along. Keep to your right all the time and eventually you’ll reach an elevator. On the left-hand side is a switch. Flick that and a small explosion will occur. Go to the control box nearby and use the Hacking Device on it. Now you can ride up the elevator. When you’ve reached the top, kill the Aliens that you’ll soon see and turn left into a door. Go down the steps and along the corridor. Go along the room nearby and hit the switch. You now need to make your way back up the previous steps and out the door. Go across the Landing Bay and find the switch nearby the large doors. Use your Hacking Device and immediately loads of Aliens will appear behind you. Run around the Landing Bay killing the Aliens and don’t stand near the main doors when the Dropship arrives. Watch out for a Praetorian that makes an appearance and soon the Dropship will fire the doors down giving you a way out. Kill any Aliens on your way out and switch to your Predator Vision and you’ll see a Predator standing nearby. Talk to him and he’ll give you your Disc back. Now just go through the door nearby to complete the mission.

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