AvP2 Alien Walkthrough

Posted by Darkness on October 10, 2002 (Updated: 01-Jun-2014)

Level 6: Pursuit

 AvP2 Alien Walkthrough  AvP2 Alien Walkthrough

Quick Facts:
Date: January 07, 2231
Time: 01:50 AM
Incident: +6 Weeks, 20.50 hours
Location: Near Hive. Access tunnel and neighbouring archaeological dig — LV-1201

The Mission Objectives:
1. Prevent humans from escaping with the empress.

When you start the mission, walk down the left-hand wall. Watch out for the Sentry Guns and kill the nearby marines. Climb down below the Sentry Guns and go left. You’ll soon get to a marine so kill him and smash the grill in the floor nearby. Go down the vent to the floor below and kill the marines down there. Find the Control Panel near the door and destroy it. Once you’ve done this, go through to the next room. Kill the marines waiting for you when you go through and drop down to the floor below where the APC is. Kill the two marines near the door and destroy the Control Panel nearby. Head through the door and turn left. Kill the marines in this room and look up to the ceiling for a vent. You will see two grills with a red glowing light behind them. Crawl up there and smash the left-hand grill and enter it. Follow the vent and smash through another grill at the end to go into the next area. By exploring you’ll find a tall shaft with a spinning fan at the top. Destroy the three Control Panels on the wall at the bottom of the shaft and this will stop the fan from spinning.

Crawl to the top and go through the fan to the next floor. Kill the two marines when you emerge. There are a lot of people in the next corridor. Instead of going through all this, turn left and go through the vent which is in the floor. Follow through the vent to the next room. Climb up the wall and you’ll see a couple of marines. Try and get on to the walkway where one of the marines is standing. Follow the walk way and you’ll find a System Charge switch. Destroy that and an explosion will occur just right of the System Charge switch. Enter the passage and follow the corridor. Head left and you’ll see someone fixing a lamp. To the right of him, there are two more marines standing in front of a door. Kill them all and climb up to the level above and search for a Control Panel. Destroy that and go through the nearby door.

Go left and go through the next door you come to. Kill the two marines and follow the corridor until you come to a large circular room. There are a couple of marines and a Combat Synthetic in this room so be careful and kill them all. Walk into the corridor which the previous two marines came out of to complete the level.

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