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Gaming now incorporates Physics i only hope that this game will too! oh and really goooood A.I. that would be nice. Yalls Thoughts?

Seeing that this is a Gearbox game, the A.I. is probably going to be pretty complex. This was one of the most lauded features of their Brothers in Arms games.

For physics, Unreal Engine 3 comes with a proprietary physics system that has always been really believable.

Danger Close:
Physics and AI are huge. In a FPS the Aliens won't be shooting so AI that makes a challenge is important. Could you imagine a straight forward shooter... Alien pops up... Bang Bang... next Alien pops up... that would be boring, the AI has to be good. Physics just look damn cool.

Vader the White:
Yeah, because on the last Aliens game I played was Extermination, despite how much fun I have playing it, the aliens were easy to kill, except for the facehuggers, but that was only becasue the scurried about the place, making me run out of ammo (tip: use the flamethrower). And when I look at other games, such as Halo 2, they were hiding, sneaking up behind me, and other stuff that made them formidable. That's what I want or a great Alien game (that and get it on a 360, since I always think they have the best controller for a FPS).


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