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Favourite Predator Weapon?

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I have to say a mix between the Speargun or the PlasmaCaster, and in second the CombiStick.

Corporal Hicks:
It's wierd we never actually saw the speargun. I haven't gotten the new P2SE yet, does it mention the speargun anywhere on that?

I have to check, I do have it but they only show the projectile not the actual gun. I suppose we can say it came from his wristbands, but I think the hunter only uses that weapon in that scene.

Though I like the gun from AVP2, the Yautja or Hish example of the sniper rifle.

turns out they don't even include the wrist band cannon either.

I'm rather fond of the wrist blades, though the self destruct devise is pretty nice.  ;D


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