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Incidentally, I always thought that the Queen in Aliens was the one that hatched out of Newt's father. After escaping, it hid inside the atmosphere processor and started laying eggs, but would have to have remained mobile in order to nab humans to implant its offspring inside, no other aliens being available at the time. So perhaps the scenario in Earth Angel isn't so unusual after all?

The real issue here is the time factor in Byrne's story. Could the alien have grown into a full adult and laid a dozen eggs within a few hours of its having hatched from its host?


--- Quote from: SM on Feb 05, 2012, 07:58:22 AM ---
--- Quote ---Well the egg(s) onboard the Sulaco at the start of 'Alien3' obviously came from the Queen after being detached from the egg-sac
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If she brought an egg with her from the planet - there's nothing "obvious" about it.

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How would she do that? Wedge it on her back spines? How/when did she have time to do that when she was escaping her hive being on-fire/exploding? How would she even reach her arms back far enough to do it?

You have seen an Alien film right?  When they fit their bulk into seemingly inaccesable places - like behind consoles, in airducts and landing gear wells?  Sticking an egg between her dorsal spines to protect it from the crazy lady with the gun would be a doddle.

So what you're saying is "No I don't have an explanation".

What's to explain?

Either she laid the egg en route or she brought it with her.

Two options - either of which is viable - which contradicts your stance that it was 'obviously' laid en route.


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