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Let's talk about the original Predator 3 Script.

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okay gentlemen. i am going to need your help with this one, if anyone have a copy of the script, please post it here.

A long time ago, when Predators was just recently announced, and everything about it was just rumours, someone here posted the original script by Robert Rodriguez that he wrote after he made Desperado.

(the following i have heard from a interview in EMPIRE magazine)
When Rodriguez heard that there was a chance that with his recent success, he would maybe do a new predators movie. (this was the time when Arnold was still in business, but people were realizing he wasnt the actor he used to be, you know, Pre-Batman And Robin) This is what i remember the synopsis looked like:

Dutch (the main character from the first movie) is now older, we see him attack a bunch of old-timey pirates (!) with futuristic weaponry. but suddenly, a bunch of future soldiers attack him, and kidnap him. they take him to a spaceship. they appear to be marines. Dutch finds out from this Genral-type guy that he is going to jungle-planet with these future-marines, because there is a jail on that planet that they lost touch with.

The marines are pretty much Douches. Dutch really doesnt like anyone of them. the members arent very special so i will name the ones that do something.

Leader: he is the leader, the coolest one of them. wears cow-boy boots?
blonde: Another guy who is a total douche, who know one likes. also he is blonde
Girl: token woman role, appearently sexing Blonde.
Eat Everything Guy: just a crazy guy, likes to eat weird stuff like roaches and squirrels.
General: He is the general. but he doesnt follow them to the planet.
Nerd: Scrawny wimp. everyone picks on him
Big Guy: he is a token big-guy. wields a mini-gun.

They goto the planet. they walk for a really long time, see some runes, talk shit about eachother and then BAM there is a Predator hanging on a cross (notice that there are some things that rodriguez kept in Predators) they believe it is dead, so they keep moving. -more walking-. they keep moving and the BAM there is a predator Falcon watching them. (and not a robot, there is an actual falcon with a "predator face" -yet more walking- BAM they get attacked by Predators. (Except Dutch who runs away) the whole Marine gang gets kidnapped and wake up in cages. all around them are a bunch of other aliens. there are predators, and these really young predators. also, the predators ride around in these hoverbikes.

Eat Everything Guy says  that he wonders how they taste. one marine gets to fight a bug-like creature, and he dies.
two flee. and Big Guy gets taken away after he breaks down. We see them look after Dutch, but he hids in the mud, like he did in the first movie. Big Guy comes back, and they traded his arms for two blades. (this is really smart, because he kills multiple predators before they chop his head off.)

Blonde also gets taken away. the two guys who escaped gets killed.
Eat Everything Guy and another dude flees on the hoverbikes and gets chased by the predators, but the predators die and explode. Eat everything guy and the other dude roast the predators and eat them, but then some other predators kill them. the last thing Eat Everything Guy says is: taste like chicken.  8)

Nerd and Girl have to fight eachother, Nerd goes all crazy, and begins to cut her, so she kills him. then she faces off with some young predators, she kills some, and then she dies.
Leader flees in all the mess.

Sounds good yet? No? yeah its pretty weird. especially since the predators kill unarmed people, and they seem to have totally abandoned the "Honour" thing. and Dutch doesnt do anything until the third act.

now the third act comes. it is pretty dumb.
Leader, Dutch are the only one left. Blonde is no where to be found.
Dutch goes to the Predator on the cross and he frees him, but it looks like he is dead. Dutch then goes toward the jail, and he meets up with Leader, and they o to the jail. it doesnt look like a jail on th inside, because there is a bunch of bodies on the roof. they take a bunch of predator weaponry like plasma casters and stuff. they go into this room and they meet two predators, and then they meet the general (!)  and TWIST: they were set up from the start. the general was sendin the marines as training-fodder to the planet so the predators could train their young. and in return, the predators would give them their weapons.

Yeah, it is stupid.

Dutch and Leader kill the two predators and the general, then they go up to this courtyard. its kind off an arena. they see a spaceship. they fight a bunch of predators and then Leader tuns out to be working for the predators. (wut) Dutch gets all sad and kills him, and then suddenly Blonde comes, and his hands have been changed to blades, and he is all crazy. then the predator on the cross comes and start fighting with Dutch. then this leader predator comes, and Dutch kills him as well. They take a spaceship and fly away. they see Blonde fighting all the other predators. he dies.

Dutch and Pred are in the spaceship. they see earth all of a sudden and Dutch says: they're next.


I read the script like three times. it was baad. but what do you think? would it make a good movie? does it seem better than Predators?

...I'm at a loss for words... That was so incredibly bad I'm surprised anyone is even capable of writing something so God-awful. It actually makes me mad. Real mad! Aaahhhh!!! >:(

Pred fan 83:
No that really sucks i have to say, If anything i would like to see dutch's charactor return to hand pick a group of people to fight a new threat from the predators on earth, Not some other planet. To me with the predators on earth killing is alot scarier than out in space all because since predator is a hidden danger that can come after anyone at anytime when it's on earth


Bat Chain Puller:
Gah. Yeah. Only the barest elements from this could be reworked into something that might work. I say: Bullet Dodged.

I think they should take Predator into the past. Make it a period piece. Strip the Predator down a bit (as to not be as technologically advanced as we saw him in 1986.) And focus on the characters.

The first Predator worked because it came out during the 80's action hero heyday and turned it upside down by introducing something that kills the team and kicks the heros ass.

Do that again ... but take another established genre and re-introduce the Predator element.

I think a modern war movie set in the middle east would suffice. Sell the picture as a serious, in your face, realistic war film and have the Predators get involved. But it demands an up to date hyper realism that hasn't been applied to a Predator film yet.


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