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I'm I the only one that likes AVPR ?

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Those six points (well five*) cover a large chunk of the film...

*- I'm not sure the gestation is a major issue this time.  At least not like it was in AvP.  The hunter and his kid are hugged first thing in the morning and pop late afternoon.  Maybe for the later Aliens it's sped up.

I love shitty gore movies. Love 'em to death.

The problem with AVPR was/is that it is part of a franchise that is known for something far more than that. It is a mockery of what made the originals great. Zee Strause's attempt at a film is an embarrassment when compared to Ridley's /Cameron's/McTiernan's visions. 

Liking AVPR? Eh I can see it. I like to watch those shitty sci-fi originals from time to time. But if you think it's a worthy addition to stand beside ALIEN, ALIENS, and PREDATOR, then you dumb son. You strait dumb.

And thats putting it lightly.


--- Quote from: Spaghetti on Apr 17, 2012, 07:48:57 AM ---I love shitty gore movies. Love 'em to death.

--- End quote ---

That's the one thing the movie had working for it, and all I wanted was for the film to have the proper lighting and visuals so I can see it. All I saw were shadows moving in and out. It's like playing a PC video game on the lowest possible settings with 24fps, if only you could max it out it would actually been fun. But no, it's bugged and glitched.

Whoever is making these movies dark, he's still around. They almost did it with Predators, but it wasn't nearly as bad as AVP-R, thank f--king god.

Predators was not really dark with it's lighting you can easily see the action.

It's on E4 now....1st time I've seen it since the cinema....

I hate myself even more now for watching it again :s

It''s just appalling...


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