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I'm I the only one that likes AVPR ?

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I know i'll probably get flamed by this, but i'm i the only one that likes AVPR ?
I know the movie was kinda flawed, it was way too dark(literally) and the choice to make it a slasher was lame,(which i don't blame since that HAD to continue Paul Anderson's shitty first movie) but i really enjoyed it, much more than the first AVP

Even though i didn't really give a crap about the main characters, I really liked Wolf and his badass arsenal, his mask and his F'd up face. i also appreciated that they didn't make some stupid team up like in the first movie.... bunch of humans running from aliens and caught in the cross fires of the predator was exactly what the "franchise" was suppose to be and they did it.
oh,and how long has it been since we've seen a guy skinned by a predator ? this is the only movie since the original which did it.

Why would someone want to flame you? Although, they might flame the movie. :D But you're entitled to like it. There's a few other people here that like it too, I think.

Oh, and there was Predator skinning action in Predator 2. So not since the second movie.

There's a few people who like it.

They're not terribly convincing though.


--- Quote from: SM on Jan 02, 2012, 12:06:46 PM ---There's a few people who like it.

--- End quote ---

those must suffer some weird self - abuse syndrome

  ;D ;D

Or have their opinions.

I don't like the movie myself, but please, if there's people who like it, let them be. There's no need to try and find something wrong with them.


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