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How is the Blu Ray compared to the DVD? Is the lighting quality fixed and is there more extra stuff?

There is some more extra stuff. (on the Region B version anyways.)
But it is still dark as hell. At least it is the most sharp image of black you can get for like 90 minutes  ;)
I wouldn't spend my money on it but it is your choise m8 :)

I rented it a few months back to test, and while I wouldn't say the contrast is fixed, I would say the blacks are much better defined so that you can see what is going on in the shadows. Unfortunately the DVD is so compressed that shades of black just become one dark mess.

The Blu ray version looks great, fantasic image quality & colour saturation. It's still pretty dark, but you can see what's happening just fine.

the darkness is studio intended to protect our eyes from a really bad movie  :laugh:


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