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Fox is reportedly working on bringing the first three Alien films to Blu-ray.

More information on this site

I'm disappointed that they will not be releasing Alien Resurrection on Blu-Ray as well.  

EDIT: Now this is on the frontpage anyway I have changed this into a discussion thread.

*looks at latest news Article* :P

This has me going ;D Been waiting a long time for this!

Strange that they ain't including Res though. A blu-ray Quadrilogy, with exclusive features, would just be awesome.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not Res's biggest fan as you'd know if you read my posts on the subject, but it should be there.

War Wager:
For the money ^

They'll release the first three seperate and in a trilogy boxset and then later on down the line will release A:R seperate with a quadrilogy boxset. Then an ultimate qaudsequalegacy uncut edition with all the movies in the franchise.


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