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Corporal Hicks:
Since there seems to be some interest in swapping and selling mechandise, I thought an official thread for it might be nice.

Post up things you're wanting to sell - or looking for - here and take things from there.

The Ultimate Predator:
My Conditions:

All sales must go via PayPal.

Where you are in the World is not a problem, but Postage+Packaging prices will of course vary.

Negotiate Prices In This Thread or via PM.


AvP: Booty - Very Good/Near Mint Conditon

I have some AVP figurines im selling.
I have the whole series 1 set and then i have the Movie Maniacs series 6 Predator 2 figure.
I also have one of the movie props with the alien with his tail in the preds gut and then i have the Movie Maniac Alien Queen stage set.
I can sell them as a whole or part them out.
The whole set for 150 and part them out at 20 a piece and then 40 for the queen.

Pics below.

All these come with the little stuff that they came with.I can get more pics if need be.
Message me if you would like any more info.

Corporal Hicks:
They cost £15 individually in the UK. Unless you're US...?


--- Quote from: Corporal Hicks on Jan 17, 2007, 09:09:49 PM ---They cost £15 individually in the UK. Unless you're US...?

--- End quote ---
Yea im in the U.S.


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