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Alien FPS using Unreal 3 Engine

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The best gaming engine out there, The Unreal 3 engine will be used to make the Aliens FPS.

The Ultimate Predator:
Really? That would be awesome.

Corporal Hicks:
Does anyone have any examples of games using this engine...other than Unreal3?

Roboblitz — (2006) Naked Sky Entertainment
Brothers In Arms: Hell's Highway — (2007) Gearbox Software
Elveon (2007) 10tacle studios
Gears of War — (2006) Epic Games 
Huxley - (2007) Webzen
Mass Effect — (2007) Bioware
Medal of Honor: Airborne (2007) Electronic Arts
Too Human - (2007) Silicon Knights
Unreal Tournament 2007 — (2007) Epic Games 
Lineage 3 — (2007) NCsoft
Lost Odyssey - (2007) Mistwalker
Stranglehold - (2007) Midway Games - Chicago Studio
Stargate Worlds - (2007) Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment

Corporal Hicks:
Figures I should know the last one.  :P

I'm gonna have to check 'em out, see if the engines been used in a game with the atmosphere you'd expect from an Aliens game.


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