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Alien or Predator?

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Aliens.  Far too easy.

Their inherant almost infinite potential means their will always be a race trying to exploit them and failing dismally thus ensuring their survival.

The Predator's continued popularity is dependent on Alien and Chris Warner.

War Wager:
Plus Aliens have less of an advantage as they cant attack from afar but Predators can (Plasma Canster, Speargun, Wristblades, Smart Disc etc.)

I  say predator. They fight with honor and if they lose, they blow everyting up so no one wins. It's their way or no way.

I'm deffinately going with Alien. Mostly for their cool design and the idea itself of a parasyte(sp?) creature that goes through a life cycle and ends up like a killing machine with basic insincts to breed and survive.

The Invisible Hunter:
Predators. I mean look, they have cameo, sweet weapons, and are very strong, and hunt with honour. How much more do you want? 8)


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