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Alien 5 / Re: How do you want Alien 5 to open?
« Last post by Russ on Today at 11:19:41 AM »
I wouldn't even dare to hazard a guess, because we still don't know how or if the third and fourth films will somehow play a part in this.

Someone around here proposed maybe random clips from them both, as a segue into showing the dream-recording device from 'Prometheus' being used to try and learn from Ripley's memories. That'd be valid. But, again, that's if they go down the route of canonising them as dreams.

This. And Angelina Jolie, of course, because well... Angelina Jolie.
General Film/TV Discussion / Re: Doctor Who
« Last post by DoomRulz on Today at 11:07:15 AM »
He's totally playing a PG-rated Malcolm Tucker. The mannerisms are all there.
General Film/TV Discussion / Re: Metal Gear Solid (2015) ?
« Last post by DoomRulz on Today at 11:06:46 AM »
I'd like to see Christian Bale as Snake. He fits the role perfectly.
Alien-Predator Games / Re: Aliens - Operations
« Last post by bobby brown on Today at 10:26:46 AM »
Wow, looks really cool. great work man! :o
Jamie has posted up some of the story documents.

Alien vs Predator Films / Re: Has AvPR improved wih age?
« Last post by SiL on Today at 10:07:59 AM »
Dang, there goes that theory.  Out of curiosity, you guys staid you couldn't stomach a rewatch, which scenes couldn't you go through again?
Everything after the first five minutes. The second the hunter and his son rock up the movie starts going downhill fast.
Alien-Predator Games / Re: Aliens - Operations
« Last post by Corporal Hicks on Today at 09:52:45 AM »
Like you say, not much too it but it was fun for a quick walk around. Made me chuckle. Didn't mind the cell shaded filter either. I'll slapped it on the front page too.
Alien Films / Re: How to appreciate Alien Resurrection
« Last post by [CANCERBLACK] on Today at 09:48:19 AM »
Sounds good, I hope you make a thread here when you've got things to a state worth sharing.
I tried on the hardest diff just to see the difference  :laugh: Yeah you can see it too

 :laugh: ;D :laugh:

Awesome, I will share this one too!

Also, Aliens: The Ultimate Doom enters into the top 100 at number 98 on Moddb.

Alien Films / Re: How to appreciate Alien Resurrection
« Last post by Born Of Cold Light on Today at 09:22:14 AM »
Well I don't want to give away too many details at this point, but it's going to feature for the core characters the survivors from Resurrection and two more crew members.  Several plot points are going to deal with the Auton Revolt (robots designed by robots), new variations of Alien and twists on the Alien lifecyle (don't worry, nothing akin to barfing Predaliens), the political situation of the 24th century, and new Alien/human hybrids.
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