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AvP2 / Re: New Map: TDM Dry Dock
« Last post by Deathmancer on Today at 10:02:45 AM »
im rusty as a nail impaled in thje underside of myu foot. but my secret weapon is copy paste! makw one corrdidor and paste over over ans over, bam! 1 map a fweek
AvP2 / Re: New Map: TDM Dry Dock
« Last post by windebieste on Today at 09:59:49 AM »
Sit back.  Relax.  Have another drink.   ;D

In the past I could churn 'em out, for sure.  I'm a little rusty now and I have a ton of other Projects on the go so they are all slowing my progress down here. 

Nonetheless, this map will be finished soon. 

Great to see you again D'mancer!

AvP2 / Re: New Map: TDM Dry Dock
« Last post by Deathmancer on Today at 09:52:40 AM »
windebieste isdd a mapping machine. you cant stop him. he says irt will be dobne on a week ., its will be done it a qwwekkkk

ive hasd a few refrwesgments i ap[ologizer for my y[oing . id canjt be borthetredfg vto fix it
I'm sure the crew is not there now but apparently Milford Sound get hit by a 4.7 earthquake yesterday. It was a short one and doesn't sound like there was any damage.
General Alien-Predator Merchandise / Re: Neca Aliens
« Last post by Corporal Hicks on Today at 09:43:04 AM »
Apparently there are quite a few Chinese knock-offs. You can try Tweeting the NECA account, he'll be able to pass any opinion and point you too the Customer Service account.
General Alien-Predator Merchandise / Re: Neca Aliens
« Last post by Otter on Today at 09:35:22 AM »
Are there any knockoffs known to be coming out of China?

I bought a set of black and white Ninja Turtles from a seller in China and they all turned yellow.  I figure they were a cheaply made knockoff... but I can't be certain.
Alien Films / Re: Alien/Aliens sounds in the cinema
« Last post by Dean Learner on Today at 09:29:53 AM »
After the Alien day double bill, that's me seen Alien eight times in the cinema and Aliens five. This will sound sacrilegious, but having seen them in a variety of formats (70mm, 35mm and a DCP from the same remaster as the blu-rays), the amount of detail and colours and deep blacks in the digital version are amazing. Great to see that Fox treats theses films with the respect they deserve.
Haha. I'm also impressed with the production quality of this audio drama as well. I usually listen to 'Big Finish' audio and this is my first Audible audio. Not saying that I was expecting a bad job, just used to good quality audios. Alien : Out of the shadows is certain one of them.

Same! My experience with audio dramas has been Big Finish's Dr Who and Stargate and through various fan-made Star Treks. Out of the Shadows was a fantastic piece of audio engineering.
I'm just hoping Tristan snuck in that old Pulse Rifle like shotgun in there somewhere!
AvP2 / Re: New Map: TDM Dry Dock
« Last post by Corporal Hicks on Today at 09:25:00 AM »
Oh, I like that skin. Is there still a download link to it?
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