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Medical Professional. Funny how they finally saw that something was wrong with me when I flipped out at a teacher and trashed the classroom...all because I was shouted at for twirling an unopened milk carton harmlessly on the table.
Alien Films / Re: The beacon on Acheron
« Last post by Xenomorphine on Today at 05:17:18 PM »
In regards to surveying, I always felt that, considering it's shown that way on both the Nostromo and dropship, they use that wire-frame topographical interpretation to do so. Considering how alike the derelict is to the many bone-shaped rocks, I could see automated software assuming they're all one and the same geographical feature and not prosecuting that area very much further.

River of Pain suggests that the company knew only roughly where the signal was coming from and established a colony on Archeron in the hopes it was the right place. (Which begs the question why wasn't LV-223 investigated?) But why do they only now have a rough idea of its location?

Oh, boy... I'm going to love reading through that one, I can just tell. :-X

"Gentlemen, we suspect a highly-valuable prize is on this planetoid!"
"Excellent, my fellow evil Capitalist friend. Let us... Place a civilian colony there!"
"Masterful, Sir! If we're lucky, we should see results in mere centuries - nay, decades!"
"Or we could send out a small fleet of dedicated survey and retrieval vessels to avoid the ramifications of allowing future non-employees to potentially-"
"No! You've convinced me! We can call it... PROJECT INCOMPETENCE."
"And we won't even tell them... In fact, if communication gets suddenly cut off, it'll be so low-priority, we won't even intervene before the government is obligated to. The scheme is perfect."
General Discussion / Re: Theology
« Last post by Sabby on Today at 04:42:04 PM »

As she suffered from untreated diabetes, Syble Rossiter went through severe weight loss and appeared emaciated, Stein said.

On the day of her death, she was extremely thirsty and dehydrated, vomited and urinated out everything she took into her system, got so weak she couldn’t stand, and her parents even bought adult diapers for her, Stein said.

Wenona Rossiter’s parents were the first people in Oregon to be prosecuted for following their religion rather than taking a sick chid for medical care.

Good. Stop tolerating child abuse.
General Discussion / Re: Single, Married, Divorced, Widowed?
« Last post by [CANCERBLACK] on Today at 04:39:02 PM »
As in, I've encountered a lot of people who self-diagnose with Aspergers or Autism online, and they tend to be the most vocal about it. I don't think any of them just one day decided, and I quote "Hey I'm not right, I must be Autistic", but after years of feeling out of place begin to identify with those labels, rightly or wrongly.

So I repeat the question, were you diagnosed as Autistic by a medical professional or did you come to that conclusion yourself?
As in by myself; like I went one day Hey I'm not right, I must be Autistic?
Alien Films / Re: Aliens
« Last post by Xenomorphine on Today at 04:19:18 PM »
'Aliens' might be my favourite movie of the series, but as a fan in general, I have to say I never got the impression, when I first watched that movie, of them having anything less than superhuman strength. As SiL says, the way they're forcing themselves through that denting - and rapidly thinning - metal door, really brings it home. As does holding the APC door open (and punching through the APC glass). Plus Ripley's grappling with the facehugger, almost choking her into submission (not an adult, granted, but you don't expect the adults to be weaker).

By contrast, I do remember, when first watching 'Alien 3', being puzzled why it didn't at least try to slam through similar metal doors and what was taking it so puzzlingly long to off Dillon. There were lots of comments, at the time, about how Fincher was supposedly trying to imply it was eating, but I recall thinking there was a curious absence of blood spraying around if it was literally opening the guy up.

Honestly, the only time you might get an impression in 'Aliens' that the creatures are getting killed, dozens at a time, is maybe during the sentry gun sequences (which only arrived when the Special Edition became available). But that's only if you take it at face value. We see relatively few actually getting hit and it's clear most must have evaded serious injury/death when we see the number on the motion tracker, during the final assault.

If anything, Cameron's message was meant to be that technology/weapons were largely inconsequential against a full-scale hive. He keeps reinforcing that with Ripley's/Hicks' comments about "even one of those things" being incredibly bad news, Newt saying being protected by soldiers "won't make any difference" and so on. The hive, as a whole, is a major threat, but individuals are no less dangerous for it. Cameron recognises that going up against serious firepower is going to be a serious obstacle for any enemy and it's to his credit that he doesn't ignore that. But nobody is treating the creatures as laughable. At the start, Vasquez finds the prospect of engaging such an enemy as a joke, as is Hudson. By the end, you know they've done a complete 180 on that and the audience feels it.

That isn't to say there aren't moments which could have been improved, of course, but we're frequently given reminders that the threat is palpable, nightmarish and a serious danger. After you've already seen it and rewatch it, you're no less likely to agree with Ripley's comments about how if "even one of those bastards" reach Earth, humanity is in trouble. Her words are probably given more weight by what you already know the Marines will endure, not less.

It's 'Alien Resurrection' which has the cringe-worthy moments of not treating the creatures seriously. 'Aliens' very much does.
General Alien-Predator Merchandise / Re: Neca Aliens
« Last post by mathewjohn365 on Today at 04:06:16 PM »
Been seeing a lot of people from the US and UK get both Queen and series 3, but still haven't seen postings from Canada.  I the Queen and 2 dogs on pre order, checking Twitter pretty much every hour to see if there been any Canadian postings.
Alien Isolation / Re: Do you consider Alien Isolation canon?
« Last post by Xenomorphine on Today at 03:47:54 PM »
This hasn't been true of any game ever, there's no reason to believe it'll suddenly become true with a game that literally came out a couple months ago, of all things. When it comes to legacy computer games, where there's a will there's a way.

Sure, there's limited third-party access within a given fandom, but that's a severely niche version of life extension. People in general won't seek that out or necessarily know it exists. All they'll know is it's for older systems and sitting through hours and hours of old gameplay videos archived on whatever the future version of You Tube is, won't be something most people want to do (especially with something like this, which involves lots of back-tracking across maps for obscure components and hiding in lockers until a threat has passed).

With movies and books, it's very different. They're always instantly accessible. The only way this will continue to reach the masses is if it's somehow adapted into one of those formats.
Alien Isolation / Re: Will there be a sequel with Amanda Ripley?
« Last post by Xenomorphine on Today at 03:41:08 PM »
They won't do Hadley's Hope (if only because it's too soon after the previous game's attempt). A colony like it, maybe. An original location would allow them to map it to their heart's content.

As for RPG elements, that would be simple enough for them to do. Bioware's refined that formula for a long while.
Predator Films / Re: Can anyone prove none of the Predators were female?
« Last post by DUB1 on Today at 03:18:35 PM »
I think since Predator's are such visual characters, there should some instantly noticeable differences between male and female. Now whether that's a heavy feminine form, or being bigger, or whatever else, is up to the creator.

This I agree with. If they bother bringing up Predator genders in the future, then they should also distinguish them.

For all know, the Classic Predators and the "Super" ones aren't actually different races, but different genders, and the conflict between them isn't so much a clan/race war, as it is Classics being put "in their place". Hell, maybe all the Classic Predators we've seen are the feminists of their species (albeit an extreme kind), which doesn't mean they're females, just the oppressed gender.

I of course am not trying to pass all of that off as fact. It's just a theory, one that is no more nor less valid that the idea that all the Preds we've seen were male.
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