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Kingsman: Secret Service
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Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens
I personally give the nudge to Alien, but I think both films are overall equal.
Alien Films / Re: Rank 'em.
« Last post by Watchful Guardian on Today at 12:36:35 PM »
Alien > Aliens > (Prometheus) > Alien 3 > Alien Resurrection
Alien Films / Re: Favourite Alien Movie?
« Last post by Watchful Guardian on Today at 12:35:25 PM »
Alien is my favorite movie of the franchise.  What really pulls me into the films is the atmosphere, the designs, the sounds, the music, and the creature itself.  Alien is the only movie in the franchise that actually makes me fear a lone xenomorph.

Aliens is the runner up for me.  I feel the film had stronger characters and is more fun to watch because it is more action oriented.  The only problem I have with Aliens is what I consider the "dumbing down" of the xenomorph.  The xenomorphs are still scary and pose a great threat, but they don't match the original design of the creature.  However, I don't feel it is a flaw with the films itself, so I do not mark it down for that.

Alien 3 is a film I have grown to love over the years.  I feel it's a big step-down after the first two films, but I also feel the Assembly Cut has made it more worthwhile.  This is just a case of bad studio interference and lack of funding.  While I feel Alien 3 isn't a necessary addtion to the franchise, I feel it works well as the wrap-up to an overall great trilogy.

Alien Resurrection is a love it/hate it film for me.  I like many things about the film, but I also dislike almost the same amount of things.  I feel Alien Resurrection is a very unnecessary addition to an other-wise wrapped up franchise.
I don't know, they could simply make seperate game about the Predator in where you are hunted by it. There is no need to mix and mash them in a game designed to reference only Alien. If they wanted a predator in it, it wouldn't be Alien Isolation 2, it would be an AVP game.

I second that. A Alien: Isolation like game with a Predator hunting the player would be awesome. But if I got to choose between Alien: Isolation 2 and "Predator: Isolation", I'll choose Alien.

I'm not a big fan of AvP in general so I don't want to see something like that instead of single franchise stuff.
Alien Isolation / Re: Not Many People Finished Alien: Isolation
« Last post by vikingr on Today at 12:16:57 PM »
I am currently replaying it again now, a tip guys... if you are using Kinect, keep your mouth shut, your voice is transfered in game and so it can alert enemies.

Really? That's really cool because many guys will talk to themselves to overcome their fear playing it. :D
I should really invest in a gaming PC, but I'm relieved there is the possibility of future SEGA titles being released on consoles.
Predator Films / Re: Predator seen when shooting Blain
« Last post by overthere on Today at 11:10:15 AM »

He got hit by the blood didn't he? from the rat or squirrel thing, the predator killed it before killing him.

It's Blain who got hit because he's all confused and out of balance
General Game Discussion / Re: Currently Playing
« Last post by WinterActual on Today at 10:42:26 AM »
A:I is way more frightening than Outlast.
General Alien-Predator Merchandise / Re: Neca Aliens
« Last post by Vark_ on Today at 10:36:34 AM »
The odd and frustrating thing is that CorporalHicks lives in the UK, and many UK / European shops had Series 3 for sale on late december. For instance I recieved my Dog Alien from a UK ebay shop on december 29th.
Maybe like you said his shop chose a slower shipping for less costs, or placed its order too late ?
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