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General Game Discussion / Re: Currently Playing
« Last post by Razz on Today at 01:48:48 PM »
Wolfenstein: The Old Blood (PS4)
AvP2 / Re: AVP2 on Steam?
« Last post by KingKenny on Today at 01:10:16 PM »
So if you really want a mod made for this game, your best bet is to learn how to make it for yourself.

Agreed, but it seems lucifero wants everyone else to do his work for him.

I didn't say it to sound mean. There's just not many modders left.

I always intended to learn to map, at the very least but I just never found the time. Makes me sad.

Don't feel bad. I can't make a map at all. I never liked the interface of DEdit to make maps.

I found it awkward and clumsy to learn but strangely intuitive once mastered. The engine can also be really finicky and nasty when things aren't done proper, which can further hinder learning it. But I really liked DEdit overall; it gave the mapper good control over everything. It just has such a steep learning curve.

Hi PsyKore,

So you're telling me Fear 4 is confirmed?

General Film/TV Discussion / Re: TERMINATOR Cyberthread
« Last post by Keg on Today at 01:00:09 PM »
This films advertising campaign has been 1 big grave digging. Are there any remain who have legitimate belief it will be good? I never expected it to touch T1 or T2, but I was initially confident it would be better that T3 & TS. I'm now less certain. For the record, I think the Connorbot is an interesting concept, but this film has almost 0 hope of making actual sense.

Yeah, this movie does look like crap, hopefully fun crap ;), but still crap that will only reduce the legitimacy of the series.  Why is it that no director seems to understand what made the first 2 films so great wasn't just blind action scenes and hot girls with breast enlargements but actual story that has plot driven themes behind it?

I'm still waiting for someone to take the franchise to outer space. It's the next logical step :laugh:

Ever since T2 theyve got it wrong what audiences would have wanted if we got a sequel. What we really wanted was a future war movie. Like what we see in the flashbacks. Yeah it might be a bit too obvious but so what. Nobody wanted to see the same thing rehashed over and over. It could have been a gritty war movie about a resistance... only with Terminators and lasers. Could have had at least two sequels out of that. One culminating in Reese being sent back bringing it full circle and then a second about what happens after that and how they win the war. A good writer could have come up with a decent story in that setting despite knowing the outcome. Knowing what's going to happen doesn't always ruin prequels (not really prequels here as we know the outcome but you get my drift). Salvation looked to be that film and then it showed us a different future war and despite not being a bad film in itself, just doesnt feel like it fits in The Terminator world somehow. Ah well.
Aliens: Colonial Marines / Re: Any updates on the lawsuit?
« Last post by Stringer2355 on Today at 12:49:54 PM »
Aliens: Colonial Marines / Re: Any updates on the lawsuit?
« Last post by Adam802 on Today at 12:41:39 PM »
Update on the lawsuit:

It's no longer a class action suit and Gearbox have been dropped from it. Gamers won't be getting any refunds now.

A true true shame.......

gbx and pitchfork should be dragged through the mud for what they did to ACM.  F-ing scumbags.  I still never plan on buying a gbx game ever. 
General Game Discussion / Re: Silent Hills (2016)
« Last post by MrLee on Today at 12:33:28 PM »
Silent Hills might be a Xbox One Exclusive -

Ahh this just pisses me off as a PS guy right from the first console back in the mid 90s. Playstation was always behind Konami games, i hate when he goes over to "the darkside" and betrays us all Its kind of like William Wallace when he gets betrayed in the movie by Robert Bruce. (yes, im joking guys.)

It is annoying though this game looked ace and now i wont get to play it.
Guys. A time comes when an Alien fan and gamer needs the help of his community.

Alien Isolation is one awesome game. Unfortunately ive been stuck on the same area for so long, its like a purgatory of "what could be". I wanna experience the game but for some insane reason i just cannot get past one part.

In the medical Station (yes, that early on in the game). You do the coolent swapping bit, then you go through a vent where you need to to go watch that video transmission on the computer. When i first arrived i ran my ass off in the darkness as the lights switched on straight to the save point. Saved the game. Literally. To go from there to watch the video, then go back to the same spot, to open the case with the keycard. I just cant do it! Everytime i watch the video, no matter where i sneak, what i do. The alien finds me and kills me. Its relentless! I played it on medium, i switched it to easy after being stuck for some time and still canot best the bastard. I also have not found the blue print for the noiser maker which is annoying.


General Film/TV Discussion / Re: Mad Max: Fury Road
« Last post by Magegg on Today at 12:14:42 PM »
We interrupt this nonsense to bring this much more entertaining nonsense:

General Film/TV Discussion / Re: All Star Wars
« Last post by Vermillion on Today at 11:41:43 AM »
Greedo, It fits his character.
An he "originally" dies of greed.
None left by the time I got there.  :-\
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