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I really don't like the idea of the translucent Alien popping up a lot.
Smell-O-Vision available at select theaters.
Alien Films / Re: Blomkamp is officially making an Alien film
« Last post by Nightmare Asylum on Today at 12:51:55 PM »
Never noticed that before, and I'm gonna take a shot in the dark is not directly inspired by the Alien 3 shot, but Blomkamp has been very open about his influences and the Alien series is chief among them, so I really wouldn't be surprised if, subconsciously at least, that's where a lot of those tenancies in his films come from.

Nice observation.
Yup yup. Assuming the eggs come from a different source (or, hell, even if they come from the same source, as seen in the first two films).

Lots of ways to go with a creature as versatile as this.
Alien Films / Re: Weaver and Blomkamp on Alien 5
« Last post by Adam802 on Today at 12:45:33 PM »
The art not only looks epic but it suggest the next alien film we all expected to see. It looks like we  will see it.

plot , Ripley and hicks breaking into weyland yutani headquarters ( aliens have been used in the bio weapons dept for the last 30 years ) to finish the job .... Only way to be sure !!
Just a thought

^ This is what I like

And also, yes I like Amanda Ripley as a character also, but she wont be in this movie im sure. 
Alien Films / Re: Blomkamp is officially making an Alien film
« Last post by wL0316 on Today at 12:45:05 PM »
Is it just me or the short video is also inspired by Alien3, other than the obvious Aliens influence (colonial marines)?
Screen cap. from HALO short video:

Similarly for the barcode thingy...

I am glad that it seems like a true Alien franchise fans is making ALIEN5!
Or different species/subspecies. It's that simple.
Where's that thing's spinoff movie?
Aliens: Taste: The Movie 3D

Fund it, Fox.
Alien Films / Re: Weaver and Blomkamp on Alien 5
« Last post by OpenMaw on Today at 12:43:48 PM »
I have no issue with doing a retcon, but if it were up to me I probably would have explored the idea of doing something with the Amanda character. When I first heard that's what they were going to do for AI i didn't like the idea, but after seeing it so well executed in Isolation... Yeah, I think that would have made for a great film.

Where's that thing's spinoff movie?
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