• Alien – Sea of Sorrows Giveaway

    Alien – Sea of Sorrows Giveaway

    AvPGalaxy and Titan are teaming up to give away three copies of their latest Alien novel, Sea of Sorrows: “As a deputy commissioner for the ICC, Alan […]
  • Alien – Sea of Sorrows Review

    Alien – Sea of Sorrows Review

    Titan has just released Alien – Sea of Sorrows, the second in their trilogy. Written by James A. Moore, Sea of Sorrows is a direct sequel to […]
  • 20th Century Fox Launches Alien Revolt Minisite

    20th Century Fox Launches Alien Revolt Minisite

    20th Century Fox have launched a surprising new minisite called Alien Revolt to celebrate the release of the 35th Anniversary of Alien. It seems a new Limited Edition […]
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Alien Isolation is an upcoming survival horror game developed by Creative Assembly and published by Sega. Keeping reading AvPGalaxy for all the latest news and rumours on the Alien Isolation game.



Ikarop joined the site in April 2009 and is a games specialist. He started out by helping us cover the recently released Aliens vs Predator game and more recently Aliens Colonial Marines. He’s also a moderator on the Aliens vs. Predator board and Aliens Colonial Marines board on the forum.



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Alien: Isolation E3 2014 Demo Footage A preview of the Alien: Isolation demo that Creative Assembly will be presenting at E3 this year has now been revealed via All Access. The previously announced game mode that the studio will be showcasing at the expo has now been revealed as a time based challenge mode, separate from... [Read More]
Creative Assembly Teases E3 2014 Plans Creative Assembly has now revealed their plans for Alien: Isolation at E3 2014. New promotional materials along with a brand new trailer will be released to company the game’s presence at the expo. “We’ll be unveiling our E3 trailer, showcasing new footage of the world awaiting Amanda on her journey... [Read More]
New Alien: Isolation Game Mode to be Revealed at E3 2014 SEGA has announced today that a new game mode for Alien: Isolation will be revealed at E3 this year. Attendees will be able to go hands-on with the new demo at the international expo from June 10-12, 2014. “Discover the true meaning of fear in Alien: Isolation, a survival horror... [Read More]
Alien: Isolation’s Official Podcast #4 Released Creative Assembly has now released the fourth instalment in their podcast series about Alien: Isolation. This time the team gives us a deeper look at the game’s character design and answers fan questions about the cast and their journey. You can listen to the full podcast below or download it... [Read More]
Alien vs Predator: Evolution Update 2.0.1 Released A new update for Alien vs Predator: Evolution by Angry Mob Games has now been released on the Apple Store and Google Play. This new update contains a new playable character, the Predalien, as well as a “Battle Generator“ which allows players to pick their prey and create a customized... [Read More]
Creating the Cast of Alien: Isolation Trailer Released Creative Assembly has released the last of their Insider Videos for Alien: Isolation today. The trailer focuses on how the studio created the cast and show us the very first character and facial animations from the game. You can check it below: [Read More]
New Alien: Isolation Gameplay Footage IGN has just uploaded new footage from Alien: Isolation in which sixteen of their employees play through the game’s demo showcased at EGX Rezzed 2014. Be sure to click below to watch the full walk-through. Thanks to aliens13 for the news. [Read More]
Alien: Isolation’s Official Podcast #3 Released Creative Assembly has today released the third instalment in their podcast series for Alien: Isolation. This time Jon McKellan, Catherine Wooley and Nee from Creative Assembly sat down to talk about how the studio has captured and recreated the 70s aesthetics and atmosphere from Alien for their game. You can... [Read More]
The Low-fi Sci-fi of Alien: Isolation Trailer Creative Assembly and SEGA have released a new trailer today focusing on how the UK studio has recreated the 70s atmosphere from Alien in their upcoming game, Alien: Isolation. Be sure to watch the trailer below. [Read More]
Creative Assembly’s Alien: Isolation Podcast #2 The second Alien: Isolation podcast by Creative Assembly has been published today. This time, the team behind Alien: Isolation gives a detailed insight into the sound and music of the game and answer several questions from fans. Be sure to listen to the full podcast below. [Read More]
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