• <h2>AvPGalaxy Interviews Paul Tobin</h2><span class='featuredexcerpt'>Now for the second Fire and Stone related interview of today! I have uploaded our interview with Paul Tobin, the writer of the Prometheus series; the first […]</span>
  • <h2>Predator: Dark Ages Trailer – Predator Fan Film</h2><span class='featuredexcerpt'>June of 2014 saw the announcement of an ambitious Predator fan film, Predator: Dark Ages. A month later the film was successfully funded via Kickstarter. In the […]</span>
  • <h2>Alien 5 ‘won’t tread on the toes of Prometheus 2′</h2><span class='featuredexcerpt'>There is a little more information about Neill Blomkamp’s Alien sequel in April 2015’s issue of Empire Magazine. In the article, Blomkamp confirms what we guessed already […]</span>
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Alien Isolation is an upcoming survival horror game developed by Creative Assembly and published by Sega. Keeping reading AvPGalaxy for all the latest news and rumours on the Alien Isolation game.

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My name is Aaron Percival - although I go by the handle Corporal Hicks in the Aliens/vs/Predator community - and I'm the co-administrator of AvPGalaxy. I also work specifically as editorial doing news posts, interviews, articles, etc and handle public relations for the website. I first saw the first half of Aliens on my 5th birthday after going on the Aliens - Ride at the Speed of Fright 4D cinema at American Adventure. It gave me nightmares for 5 years until I finally saw the film in its entirety and became obsessed with the franchise. I have worked on various Aliens vs Predator websites since 2003 when I learnt HMTL over a weekend and created a website called AvPWorld. In retrospect it was a terrible looking website but it further enhanced my love of the franchise and the online community. I became a newsposter for AbsoluteAvP (previously AvP2.net) later that year. In 2005 I eventually decided to close AvPWorld and take on a more editorial role working for the re-incarnate version of AvPNews hosted on GameGossip. Unfortunately the administrator left and I was left to run an entire website by myself again. Following the AICN script review of Aliens vs. Predator 2 I eventually lost the heart and left AvPNews in April of 2006. When I was contacted by Darkness in November 2006 about using my articles & reviews for AvPGalaxy, I volunteered to join him as permanent staff and have been here ever since. I have a very open mind when it comes to the franchise so I enjoy reading the various comics and novels so I can experience other stories outside of the films. I enjoy attending various conventions and playing numerous games based on the series.


East Midlands, United Kingdom

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Aliens RPG Gets Name and Concept Art So now the game might be meeting it’s end, we’re finding more and more about it. The RPG has a name: Crucible and courtesy of Michael Zimmerman, we now have our first looks at what would have (might be) been: You’ll find more on his website (or our forums). You’ll... [Read More]
Aliens RPG Finally Cancelled? And as the days go on, Sega remains quiet but everyone else is shouting. AvPGalaxy visitor Kyle recently uncovered the blog of an ex-designer for Obsidian, with the “cancelled Aliens RPG” on his resume: “April 2008 ”” February 2009 (11 months) Designer for canceled third-person action Aliens RPG (Xbox 360,... [Read More]
Sega Looking for New Developer Variety.com has just posted up a new article stating that Colonial Marines isn’t cancelled but maybe seeing release under a new developer: “However, I’ve just spoken to a source in a very good position to know what’s up with both games who told me that they’re definitely not canceled. Production... [Read More]
Aliens RPG Cancelled? Following in the wake of the announcement of a new AvP game from Rebellion under Sega, we have this to report: “Sources tell Kotaku that Sega has pulled the plug on their upcoming Aliens Roleplaying Game under development by California-based developer Obsidian.” Gaming website Kotaku is citing a recent sacking... [Read More]
Aliens RPG Title Page? Now this is a cracking find by forum member XenoVC. He stumbled across these two pictures on DeviantART in the profile of an Obsidian employee: Now if you look closely at this picture of an Obsidian office you can just see the title screen for the RPG. And looks like... [Read More]
Unseen AvP Requiem Concept Art I know the film has been out yonks now, but I recently ran into a couple of portfolios of the concept artists who worked on AvPR and found a couple of previous unseen artwork: The above is one of four pieces of artwork done by Dark Hoffman and one of... [Read More]
Predator Remake A Go? I don’t know how many of you remember this but in October last year, Fox producer Rothman commented on his willingness to do a Predator 3(and the notion of a remake). Well according to horror website Bloody Disgusting, it isn’t a sequel but a remake that is underway: “We’ve got... [Read More]
Aliens Colonial Marines Release Put Back Now before this article from Screw Attack goes around causing any panic from the fanbase, I just wanna get the proper news out there. Sega PR has changed the release date from the 1st quarter to “to be announced”. It’s nothing to worry about and to be frank it should... [Read More]
Hot Toy’s Dog Alien Reviewed The hype leading up to this beastie’s release was quite contagious. I almost splashed out for one myself until I realized I’m not that well off. However, as usual Figures.com has released a review of Hot Toy’s latest Aliens model: “Translucent plastics also come into play with select tubing on... [Read More]
Aliens olonial Marines for Early 09 Release Now as many of you may have seen, countless gaming websites are running rampant with the news that Sega is listing Gearbox’s Colonial Marines for release in the first quarter of 2009. I recently spoke with Sega PR to get this news confirmed: “Those dates are from the current UK... [Read More]
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