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Corporal Hicks


My name is Aaron Percival - although I go by the handle Corporal Hicks in the Aliens/vs/Predator community - and I'm the co-administrator of AvPGalaxy. I also work specifically as editorial doing news posts, interviews, articles, etc and handle public relations for the website.

I first saw the first half of Aliens on my 5th birthday after going on the Aliens - Ride at the Speed of Fright 4D cinema at American Adventure. It gave me nightmares for 5 years until I finally saw the film in its entirety and became obsessed with the franchise.

I have worked on various Aliens vs Predator websites since 2003 when I learnt HMTL over a weekend and created a website called AvPWorld. In retrospect it was a terrible looking website but it further enhanced my love of the franchise and the online community. I became a newsposter for AbsoluteAvP (previously AvP2.net) later that year.

In 2005 I eventually decided to close AvPWorld and take on a more editorial role working for the re-incarnate version of AvPNews hosted on GameGossip. Unfortunately the administrator left and I was left to run an entire website by myself again. Following the AICN script review of Aliens vs. Predator 2 I eventually lost the heart and left AvPNews in April of 2006.

When I was contacted by Darkness in November 2006 about using my articles & reviews for AvPGalaxy, I volunteered to join him as permanent staff and have been here ever since.

I have a very open mind when it comes to the franchise so I enjoy reading the various comics and novels so I can experience other stories outside of the films. I enjoy attending various conventions and playing numerous games based on the series.


East Midlands, United Kingdom

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