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More Alien: Covenant Concept Art Released Online!

In the weeks since Alien: Covenant has been released, many of the concept artists that worked on the film have been sharing their work online.

We’ve previously reported on Wayne Haag (who has also added more artwork! Check it out!) and Carlos Huante‘s portfolios but Steve Burg, Ev ShipardValentin PetrovJeremy Love, Gabriel Beauvais and Gerhard Mozsi have been joining in on the fun!

The below gallery contains a few select pieces from everyone. I would recommend heading on over each artist’s ArtStation account (linked to above) or sticking your heads into the Alien: Covenant album on our Gallery for more!

Now that Alien: Covenant has been released, keep a close eye on Alien vs. Predator Galaxy for the latest on behind-the-scenes material! We’ll be keeping our gallery updated with the new releases!

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  1. JCDenton

    This should have been the neomorph in the final cut. Good god, it's terrifying.
    Kinda reminds me of the Leech man in Return of the Swamp thing

    Actually with this design this could easily be Dead Space adaption - the main enemies are called...wait for it ....necromorphs -
  2. Omegamorph

    This should have been the neomorph in the final cut. Good god, it's terrifying.
    Kinda reminds me of the Leech man in Return of the Swamp thing
  3. Alionic

    This should have been the neomorph in the final cut. Good god, it's terrifying.
  4. Corporal Hicks
    Thanks, Rabbit! Holy shit! There's just an absolute shit-tonne of stuff in there! I had assumed a lot of it was hold-over from when it wasn't an Alien film but there's still loads tagged Paradise with Alien in there!

    Including previz for a cocoon sequence?

    Do you mean these?

    The idea of the Alien jizzing the cocoon stuff on people is a bit much, I reckon xD

    And wtf was this?!

    We need those pre-Covenant scripts!
  5. Corporal Hicks

    In the second part of our look at modern production design, KFTV talks to Chris Seagers about his experiences building sets for Ridley Scott’s sci-fi horror Alien: Covenant.

    Scott’s sci-fi follow-up pitches a crew of space travellers against the iconic xenomorph monster that the director first introduced to audiences back in 1979.

    Production was based at Fox Studios Australia in Sydney, where Seagers and his team built an immense set of the Covenant – the movie’s main spacecraft setting.

    “We spent a couple of months at the RSA (Ridley Scott Associates) offices in London brainstorming the design of the ship and how to put it together,” Seagers tells KFTV of the genesis of the Covenant spacecraft as the crew's home.

    “Ridley was very ambitious with his ideas and it turned out we didn’t have the budget to realise everything he wanted, but he thinks on his feet and is very much up for figuring out how to make it all work – he loves ingenuity.”
  6. Corporal Hicks

    My friend is close with an FX guy from Scott Free. Here's a candid Neomorph Prop used in Alien Covenant.

    Sorry, but I don't think this is from Alien: Covenant.

    It's from a fan film called BIOTIC (which states it is inspired by Covenant).

    Thanks for the correction, Sabres.
  7. Zaxxon64
    The birth of the protomorph along with the generally shoddy CG in Covenant utterly destroyed any future interest in covenant and the alien franchise for me. Abysmal in every way. ::)
  8. Corporal Hicks

    My friend is close with an FX guy from Scott Free. Here's a candid Neomorph Prop used in Alien Covenant.

    At the last minute, Ridley asked for a few more 'Mutilated Shaw' drawings from both Matt and I. In the interest of speed I did these digital paintings as quick concepts (hence the absence of Noomi Rapace's likeness). In the end RS (rightfully, so) went with Matts versions but I figured you guys might enjoy them, as I had enjoyed drawing them. Thanks everyone!

    My friend, Meaghan Leonard, who organised all the text graphics and helped manage the monumental printing effort on the film would innocently refer to this baby Neo study as - the 'Dancing Alien'... hehe
  9. BishopShouldGo
    Yeah, that f**king solar repair scene was a thing of beauty.

    That Alexander England dude is the luckiest person in the world. He gets to take part in the most beautiful scene in a major Ridley Scott blockbuster and he's essentially an extra. Besides Katherine and Danny, he's the only other person that gets to wear a spacesuit!
  10. Corporal Hicks

    Pic from one of the many fittings with Goran D Kluent who plays the Neomorph-and Colin Ware @prosthetix making sure he's comfortable.

    Neomorph head sculpt/design Adam Johansen and colour scheme and paint job by Damian Martin. Body sculpt by Colin Shulver & Andy Hunt. Foam suit run by Steve Katz and Gavin Kyle.
  11. Corporal Hicks

    Tiny wormy dude I modelled for a series of matte paintings for the Covenant marketing campaign. Dane and I did one set each then one together! Gigeresque but macro-sized.

    Look at my shirt - I got some Predator in there! Bwahaha!!! Alien vs Predator!!! Also sculpted those ampule racks back there (copy of Prommy one). My first 3d print! Photo by Mark Rogers.
  12. Corporal Hicks
    Shit loads of more artwork from Jeremy Love's website -

    Dane has shared some new concepts of mirrors and canvas. An interesting note from one of them -

    Originally, water was to be running down some sections of the walls in Davids living quarters Through one 'waterfall' we would see a 'polished obsidian mirror', in which David could be seen (naked from memory) brushing his teeth. This was to reveal the 'repair' seam around his neck, implying that Shaw had reattached his severed head. This was before it was decided that the prologue would cover that beat and as such, it was cut.

    Steve Messing -
  13. Corporal Hicks

    Here's a pretty straight forward study of a malformed, Giger'esque fetus. I do like it, but it's made even more special by the fact that awesome film maker and friend, Dominic Hailstone took this sketch as inspiration for a model he sculpted for the table in Davids Lab. If I had all my gear with me I'd share a picture of it, but trust me - its better than the drawing.
  14. Corporal Hicks

    These were the first (finalists of) variations/versions of the floating organic lights. I wanted a slight ambiguity in the forms where like the proto-facehugger designs, it's a bit murky whether they're animal vegetable or mineral. Which mirrors Giger's bio/mechanical mix. They were a lot of fun. Pencil, charcoal and Photoshop.

    More corpse/stinking lillies.

    Because we were wallpapering the sets with artwork and had a lot less than David's ten years to do it, the mighty Dane Hallett and I had to get creative and 'Frankenstein' work we'd already done into 'new' art, like this. Dane actually did the original trilobite (no no, the regular kind) art. These are my Giger-ed up variations. Thank God for Photoshop and printing onto delicate Japanese paper stocks! 😄 Charcoal, Photoshop.

    More-a flora studies! "Naturally occurring latex and silks for restraint and restriction."

    'Corpse lillies' - but of course they'd have 'em! About the first thing I asked on the first day was that while I totally get the aesthetic of the city referencing great civilisations/ancient cultures (and obviously goes hand in hand with the Engineers looking like classical statues), I wanted to know why/how the shift happened to the Giger/biomechanical look. I never did get an answer so I invented one for my backstory/inserted it into my/David's scientific notes, here as it applies to flora and fauna studies. From the right hand side: "It also occurs to me to investigate the possibility that the seemingly divergent shift from previously monolithic and simple forms of classic Engineer architecture to the post-industrial aesthetic especially apparent in their interplanetary vehicles and spacesuits are actually the result of a congruent return to even older and natural forms. Possibly the result of both an aesthetic epiphany and the technological means to achieve it. Culminating in a relatively sudden shift combining anthropomorphism, zoomorphism, and phylotomorphic traits. Not to mention the vascularity inherent in mechanically or technologically based branching systems and architectural structures, so that an all-encompassing type of 'bio-mechanical' view emerged."

    More Engineer rough ideas/studies/dissections/vivisection etc. including an initial 'rebreathing' torture idea that lead to the proto facehugger drawing (which people took SO literally! 😄). Anyway, pencil, charcoal, ink, Photoshop.

    Detail of early version of the foetus piece. As I was saying in the beauchene one, David is exploring on his way to creating the 'perfect' xeno. And after extending the brainpan laterally (it only needs to turn its head to widen the scan), the dome might form a long sensory array or use different bandwidths for its vision. I thought it might be cool and logical if the xeno 'sees' thermally like a snake. So beyond the obvious dragon metaphors and beasts being afraid of fire, that a flamethrower will temporarily blind it. So both things are true. As shown here with radiating waves and so on. I know fans are astoundingly literal these days (and to be fair the way the films have gone does encourage that) but it doesn't matter if no-one notices - the backstory I make is primarily to lend a consistency in approach. Which is different to the drawings contradicting each other intentionally. I wanted to continue David's unreliable narrator idea into the work. Are these actually his works or his unhinged thoughts? Anyway like I say it leads to imagery that might not have happened otherwise. I hope. 😝. Pencil on Japanese paper.

    Rough for an engineer study. Since David devastated the Engineer world the lights and tech have been turned off, and besides as we know he has the romantic/egocentric notion of working in a 'classical' style. So using more naturally occurring tools, spartan implements and generally old fashioned methods. I thought one of these would be to use the particularly aggressive local flora and fauna to his advantage. Here procuring local worms/leeches to clean the corpse/devout the viscera as seen in the earlier skull drawing. Maybe submerged in a giant plant/bath. Pencil, Charcoal, Photoshop

    I thought David would investigate congenital and extreme abnormalities maybe in pursuit of finding more elastic/hardy qualities for the xeno (although that skull middle bottom is a normal baby skull - those critters are weird!). For instance looking at existing conditions like hydrocephalus in babies/foetuses in terms of rapid structural growth/expansion maybe to allow for a bigger brainpan for example or an 'ideal' shape etc. Also as in the old days using the beauchene process where the skull was filled with rice and then saturated so it swelled and split the bone along the natural faultlines. Attributed to the French but may have actually come from Leonardo. Of course the inference is that it the Gigerish horror could have happened in a very unnatural way... Sorry dunno where the proper scan is right now! Pencil, nibs/Indian ink, watercolour.

    A f**k tonne more from Matt Hatton! Loads more behind-the-scene snaps on his IG as well.

    Was taking pics for reference purposes and the milky translucency of the dome here, but really pleased I got the dude picking his nose...
  15. Corporal Hicks
    Back to traditional today. I HAD to reference something from the original Alien, so I drew the weeping egg. I always loved the fact that they weeped and it's something that often gets overlooked. This one hung from the ceiling of the lab with it's very special counterpart - but I'll explain that one another time...
  16. Robopadna
    Another take on the abandoned Engineer world.

    Thanks for posting the still, Hicks.

    No worries.  :)

    I love the concept art for prometheus and covenant so much.  I can see why they didn't go with this aesthetic, but I still love the idea.
  17. FenGiddel
    Love it! Some great detail in that Juggernaut. Looking forward to seeing more of what he designed for the Neocropolis too.

    Some concept art shared by the IG account -

    <blockquote class="instagram-media" data-instgrm-version="7" style=" background:#FFF; border:0; border-radius:3px; box-shadow:0 0 1px 0 rgba(0,0,0,0.5),0 1px 10px 0 rgba(0,0,0,0.15); margin: 1px; max-width:658px; padding:0; width:99.375%; width:-webkit-calc(100% - 2px); width:calc(100% - 2px);"><div style="padding:8px;"> <div style=" background:#F8F8F8; line-height:0; margin-top:40px; padding:50% 0; text-align:center; width:100%;"> <div style=" background:url(); display:block; height:44px; margin:0 auto -44px; position:relative; top:-22px; width:44px;"><><><p style=" color:#c9c8cd; font-family:Arial,sans-serif; font-size:14px; line-height:17px; margin-bottom:0; margin-top:8px; overflow:hidden; padding:8px 0 7px; text-align:center; text-overflow:ellipsis; white-space:nowrap;"><a href="" style=" color:#c9c8cd; font-family:Arial,sans-serif; font-size:14px; font-style:normal; font-weight:normal; line-height:17px; text-decoration:none;" target="_blank">A post shared by Alien: Covenant (@alienanthology)</a> on <time style=" font-family:Arial,sans-serif; font-size:14px; line-height:17px;" datetime="2017-05-21T01:29:40+00:00">May 20, 2017 at 6:29pm PDT</time></p><></blockquote> <script async defer src="//"></script>
    Thanks for posting the stills, Hicks.
  18. Corporal Hicks

    This one was 2m high and hung from the roof of the Lab. It depicts failed Facehugger experiments.
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