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Alan Dean Foster Writing Alien: Covenant Prequel Novel, Not Sequel Novel?

Alan Dean Foster writing Alien: Covenant prequel novel, not sequel novel? Last September we revealed that Alan Dean Foster would be returning to the world of Alien literacy with a novelization of Alien: Covenant. The month after, Titan Books announced that he would also be writing a sequel novel. It looks like that may no longer be the case.

According to an update made to Alan Dean Foster’s website, he’s actually working on a prequel: “The novelization of ALIEN:COVENANT has been turned in and approved. I am working with Titan Publishing and Fox on what will be an original prequel to the film story. Sorry…no can hint (yet) at what it might contain.”

In Alan Dean Foster’s initial announcement, he mentioned that he was also working on additional “unique original material” that many assumed to be the sequel novel that was eventually announced.

A representative of Alien vs. Predator Galaxy spoke to Mr Foster who confirmed that he was only working on a prequel novel, not a sequel novel. We approached Titan Books for clarification but they were unable to comment at this time.

 Alan Dean Foster Writing Alien: Covenant Prequel Novel, Not Sequel Novel?

Will we be seeing more of Shaw and David in Alan Dean Foster’s Alien: Covenant prequel?

While we have no further details at the minute, with a ten year gap between the events of Prometheus and Alien: Covenant it’s likely Alan Dean Foster’s prequel will be visiting those earlier years and revealing what David and Shaw were up to in those intervening years.

The sequel novel is still available for pre-order on Amazon with a release date of September 26th so it’s possible the sequel is still coming but under a different author. The novelization is currently slated for release on the 23rd of May, the week after Alien: Covenant’s release.

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Comments: 23
  1. Perfect-Organism
    It may or may not be a good solution to release the prequel first.  It depends on how the movie is structured.  If the premise involves trying to figure out what happened to Shaw, then the prequel may be a spoiler.  But I would love to read it going in regardless...
  2. Infected
    Ok so if its a sequel, then why?
    is it Ridley isnt capable of doing two more or the story in between needs to be told but isnt movie worthy and so we can jump to the third and last movie, the budget Ridley will get depends on the succes of Covenant?
  3. Ingwar
    I understand the idea of Prometheus sequel book since Covenant will be released soon. Fair enough. But official sequel book to Alien:Covenant? I don't get it. Obviously (or maybe not?) this book will explore what happens after Covenant. What about the movie then?

    That is very strange considering there was no Prometheus novel.

    There was, but it only came out in Japan.

    What's the point of writing Prometheus novelisation only in Japanese?
  4. Russ840
    I am really excited for this prequel. I wonder if ADF will be using material and ideas that Ridley may have had but decided not to go with.

    I am just listening to the audiobook versions of his Alien novelisation. Really loving it. Never read any of them before so once I am do I'll read or listen to the rest.
  5. Glaive
    Anyone thought that this 'Covenant' prequel COULD be the 'Prometheus' novelisation we never got?

    Don't get me started on that Japanese version...all things point to it not being official...
  6. Whiskeybrewer
    This is fantastic news. So i guess ADF is doing, what Ridley probs originally planned as Prometheus 2 back when he had that idea, before he changed and went the Covenant route.

    Im intrigued now to find out who's writing the Sequel novel
  7. a bit twitchy
    I read Aliens before watching it as a kid. Couldn't put Alan Dean Foster's book down. This will be the first Alien universe book that's not a film that I'd like to read. Having Alan Dean Foster do it makes it the real deal for me.
    Bit of a let down that Shaw and David's story of the arrival on Paradise to confront the engineers is condensed for Alien Covenant, but at least this novelization will shed some light on these events.
  9. Ultramorph
    I would love some clarity in regards to what David is trying to accomplish. Maybe some
    Spoiler (click to show/hide)
  10. Mustangjeff
    Am I to understand that this would be the story of what happened at the end of Prometheus until the beginning of Covenant?

    That sounds pretty interesting and could go a long way towards answering questions that might never be mentioned again in the movies.

    It would be awesome if the story picked up with Shaw and David exploring one of the other facilities to find a ship, and what they might discover.
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