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  1. Jenga
    So am I missing an article or discussion that provides a plausible explanation to how Amanda Ripley could ever come looking for her mother as an adult and look around the Nostromo for an 'original style' alien....both of whom were destroyed by the end of the first Alien film? How is she on that ship?
  2. MrSpaceJockey
    C Deck be like 'What am I?  Chopped liver??"

    Ha, well it was a matter of what came to mind first...  ;D

    Looks like Sean Gilder will be playing a part in the game judging by the facial scans.

    Aye, good catch.  And I did find that news article again that listed the actor/likeness for Samuels, if anyone cares to know...he's Anthony Howell.
  3. SM
    Loving the concept art.

    reminds me of the red grating walls in Sigourney Weaver's Ripley screentests:

    And we now know that Kezia Burrows is the likeness and voice behind Amanda Ripley, which is interesting.
    C Deck be like 'What am I?  Chopped liver??"
  4. Crazy Rich
    From the "Bid to save survival horror" article.

    We have lots of those moments in this behaviour where it does something that’s not necessarily random, but it’s unpredictable,” Napper continues. “You think it’s going to do something but it doesn’t. It’s entirely systemic and it’s making its own choices, so it’s about teaching the player that the alien is learning, as well as allowing the player to learn from what it’s doing. You’re both building up this understanding of one another as the fight goes on. If you’ve evaded it for long enough, what would its next action be? Maybe it would prepare an ambush? Well it can do that. When he first sees you, most of the time he’s fresh, but the longer you encounter him for in a single location, the more he adapts to you and you’re on the clock, so you’ll have to cycle through your abilities to last against him.

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