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Ian Whyte For Prometheus?

Horror movie news website Bloody Disgusting has posted something very interesting. They claim that Ian Whyte (AvP, AvP Requiem) will be playing one of the Engineers in Prometheus. It is rumoured that we will see multiple Engineers and it’s no secret that the beings are massive. I’m just a bit surprised we didn’t hear about this sooner.

In Twentieth Century Fox’s Prometheus, arriving in theaters June 8, one of these Space Jockeys is referred to as “The Engineer”. While there are said to be multiple engineers, Bloody Disgusting can exclusively report that Ian Whyte will portray one of them. He will soon be referred to as our “creator” or “God”… Whyte also worked in costume as the Predator in both Alien vs. Predator films. We’ll hopefully have more soon as there are quite a bit of interesting rumors surrounding this casting. We’ll work on confirming before we report back.

In other news, there’s a new interview with Charlize Theron over on TotalFilm. She says she plays the villain in the film and you’ll find out she has an agenda in the third act. There’s another interview with writer Damon Lindelof on LA Times. He doesn’t give much away, unfortunately.

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