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Tom Rothman Talks Trailer Leak

The CEO of Fox, Tom Rothman, has spoken to MTV about the recent trailer leak. He said he was disappointed that it had leaked.

On the red carpet of the Gotham Independent Film Awards, Rothman spoke with MTV News’ Josh Horowitz about his disappointment with the leaked trailer. “I heard some of it leaked, which wasn’t so good,” he said.

For such a drawn-out buildup, the release of the bootleg trailer marked a point of anticlimax. To Rothman, the leak was nothing short of a severe injustice. “That’s not fair. It’s heartbreakingly unfair, because … the quality of the visuals is as spectacularly beautiful, shot in 3-D compositionally the way only a master could do it,” Rothman said. “For some early, early, early, early half-baked, half-assed test to leak, it’s so unfair.”

The Fox exec did, however, guarantee that the film will make a splash once it sees a proper release. “I will promise you this: When that material is ready and it comes out, you should go see it in 3-D on a screen. It will deliver.”

He goes on to say the movie is 95% unto itself while fans will spot the strands of the Alien DNA. Thanks to Darkoo for the news.

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