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Alien Isolation is an upcoming survival horror game developed by Creative Assembly and published by Sega. Keeping reading AvPGalaxy for all the latest news and rumours on the Alien Isolation game.

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More Pre-E3 Colonial Marine Teases If the recent doll heads weren’t enough to convince you of a Colonial Marines connection, how about this beasty? This over-sized pulse rifle inspired Nerf gun was sent to Official PlayStation Magazine – Australia by Sega. Thanks to Ikarop for the link. [Read More]
Neville Page Designing for Prometheus AvP Galaxy staffer, Ikarop, recently discovered via the Worldwide Production Agency that Neville Page will be doing concept art and costume design for Prometheus. Page has worked on more than a few big projects over the past years including Cloverfield, Star Trek, Tron: Legacy and Avatar to name a few.... [Read More]
Pre-E3 Viral For Colonial Marines? A number of body-less doll heads have found their way into the mail in-tray of several video game websites. What’s weird is that these heads are inscribed with the name Rebecca. Remind you of anyone? And the return address is to a certain Ms Rebecca Jorden, Newt’s full name. Could... [Read More]
Aliens Infestation Classified You may remember exactly two years ago today, a mystery video appeared on Youtube showing gameplay footage from a Nintendo DS game called Aliens Colonial Marines. It was being developed by Way Forward in association with Gearbox. It had presumably been cancelled by Sega however as of yesterday, Sega had... [Read More]
James Payton In Prometheus? The cast of Prometheus seems to just keep getting bigger. Alien Prequel News recently noticed this tweet from Payton: “Back to the spaceship after my stay of execution yesterday. Pinewood, here I come. *yawn*” That said, if he is indeed in Prometheus, it’s unknown what character he will play. [Read More]
Aliens Epilogue Trailer You’ll have to forgive me, I’d forgotten to post this one up. The guys behind the upcoming British Alien fanfilm, Aliens Epilogue, released a new trailer a month and a bit back. You can find out more at their website and their Facebook page. You can also find out more... [Read More]
Sega Not Considering AvP Sequel In an interview with Eurogamer, SEGA West CEO Mike Hayes said that they are not currently considering a sequel to Aliens vs. Predator. “[AVP] was so successful that naturally you would think you want to do a sequel,” Hayes reasoned. “But we already had Aliens: Colonial Marines in the pipeline... [Read More]
New Alien Game Unlikely to be Film Tie-In Creative Assembly studio director, Tim Heaton, recently told Eurogamer.net that the just announced Alien ‘action’ title and movie are unlikely to be linked. The studio director says: “What we can say is that we understand that games that are time-constrained to be day-and-date with the movie are often flawed so... [Read More]
More Creative Assembly’s Alien Details In what has to be the meatiest article so far, VG24/7 has posted a nicely detailed report on the conference where the game was announced earlier today: “One of our big questions marks was that we didn’t want to just make a game out of a film license – you... [Read More]
Minor Details On New Aliens Game Gaming website, Rock Paper Shotgun, has posted up a few minor details about the upcoming Creative Assembly game: “What we do know that it’s described only as an ‘action’ game and will be tackled primarily by the team who made Viking: Battle for Asgard on the console toys. However, CA... [Read More]
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