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Potential Prometheus Details

Entertainment Blog, Market Saw, has just posted up an article containing information on Prometheus which they claim to be have been told from an insider:

“You may notice in the original Alien that the Space Jockey had a puncture on its considerably large chest, where the xenomorph broke out through the flesh of the creature and broke through the biomechanical armor it wears. You may also notice how big the Space Jockey is in relation to its human counter parts in the film. So imagine how big the baby must be, which is yet to grow. Then imagine quite a few of these. If you can do that, you got a pretty good grasp on the final act. And do not be expecting the traditional look either, these are very different creatures that will keep the general architecture of the xenomorph, but will have a considerably different look, and do very perverse things.”

There’s a few other bits in there and it’s worth a read. Thanks to Valaquen and JaaayDee for the links. In related news, Valaquen recently received confirmation from Diane O’Bannon that Prometheus is indeed an Alien film: “I’ve been officially informed that PROMETHIUS is indeed taking off on the original ALIEN story”. You can read more on that in the forum.

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