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AvPG Exclusive: Prometheus Concept Art

Ahem…As a few of you figured out the Space Jockey concept art was in fact an April Fool’s from the pencil of none other than our very own amazingly talented Cellien.

And as well that we’ve also made the 10 Most Heartbreaking April Fool’s Movie News Scoops (2011). And there’s more. Other movie sites picked up the image and had a bit of a run with it: Aint It Cool News, JoBlo and FilmShaft.

ORIGINAL APRIL FOOL’S POST: This finally answers the question is Prometheus related to Alien. We’ve scooped an exclusive sneak peak at some concept art from 20th Century Fox:

 AvPG Exclusive: Prometheus Concept Art

Most interesting is the inclusion of the Predator shoulder-cannon in the design and the lack of legs. Click here for the full size image (currently hosted on my personal host, it’ll be in the Gallery soon) and keep an eye out for more exclusive content.

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