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  • <h2>Alien Isolations Sells Over 1 Million Copies</h2><span class='featuredexcerpt'>Whilst VGChartz has been reporting that Alien Isolation has sold over a million for sometime now, the team over at Creative Assembly have officially announced the fact […]</span>
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Ian Whyte For Prometheus? Horror movie news website Bloody Disgusting has posted something very interesting. They claim that Ian Whyte (AvP, AvP Requiem) will be playing one of the Engineers in Prometheus. It is rumoured that we will see multiple Engineers and it’s no secret that the beings are massive. I’m just a bit... [Read More]
New Prometheus Fan-art Piece A few days ago we received the latest glimpse at director Ridley Scott’s highly awaited sci-fi project Prometheus. The studio has kept details under wraps, but that hasn’t stopped Slovakian concept artist, Rado Javor, to create some undoubtedly amazing and creative fan-art for the film. We now present you an... [Read More]
Win a Set of Aliens Infestation Buttons! Help us fight the Aliens Infestation! Scattered throughout all the website of AvPGalaxy there are various images depicting all main stages of the Alien life cycle. We have been infested with Alien eggs, facehuggers, chestbursters and more. All you need to do to help is find those slippery images and... [Read More]
Prometheus Teaser Trailer Analysis There’s a lot of intricate details contained within the teaser trailer so I thought it was worth doing an analysis of the thing for everybody to read. Here’s my Prometheus Teaser Trailer Analysis. It’s just my take on everything we’ve seen and how the scenes might fit together. I’ve tried... [Read More]
Prometheus Teaser Trailer Released! The Prometheus teaser trailer is now available to stream and download in 1080p HD on Apple. It runs for 1 minute 9 seconds and it’s almost exactly the same as the leaked trailers we’ve seen recently. Still, this time, it is in crystal clear HD. Very reminiscent of the early... [Read More]
Another New Prometheus Image We’ve got another new image from Prometheus, this time coming from movie magazine Total Film: Trying to get a high quality version of this from Fox. Thanks to Wmmvrrvrrmm for the image. [Read More]
Prometheus ‘In One Day’ Video The third and final promo video has been released. It’s available to watch on Apple. As before, it shows off some new shots from the film as well as behind-the-scenes shots. You see a clearer shot of the mutant (?) jumping over a vehicle towards a character. As a sidenote,... [Read More]
Prometheus Trailer Posted Online Thefilmstage.com has just posted up what appears to be a cam recording of the Prometheus trailer currently being shown at movie theatres all over the world. The video lasts for one minute and basically shows a very similar and yet better quality version of the previously seen trailer, still not... [Read More]
Prometheus Trailer Attached To Dragon Tattoo Those of you in the US will be able to see the Prometheus trailer a little earlier than the rest of us. It will be attached to David Fincher’s The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo which hits theatres today in the US and Canada. Somebody on Twitter has actually posted... [Read More]
Prometheus First Look Video! [Updated] Not quite the trailer, but 20th Century Fox have just released a first look video of Prometheus on Apple. It’s basically a 30 second behind-the-scenes teaser. Ridley Scott says the film will be ‘epic’. Not just in terms of sets but also the ideas the film introduces. The video shows... [Read More]
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