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The BBFC website has posted up a list of deleted scenes from Predators that will be featured on the upcoming DVD/Blu-Ray release:

  • 00:00:48:15   (DEAD MAN’S PARACHUTE)
  • 00:00:52:03   (CUCHILLO AND ISABELLE)
  • 00:01:13:21   (TEAM “ORIENTATED” GROUP)
  • 00:01:33:20   (THIRD MOST WANTED)
  • 00:00:34:04   (CUCHILLO UNLEASHES)
  • 00:02:42:03   (“WHY ARE YOU HERE?”)
  • 00:00:42:13   (“THEY’RE SMARTER THAN THAT”)
  • 00:01:25:05   (STANS AND ISABELLE NAKED)
  • 00:00:35:11   (“THEY’RE STILL COMING”)

No descriptions as of yet. Thanks to the optimistic pessimist for the link.

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  1. hope they do wat rodriguez wanted which was have the original pre sounds in it and all the deleted scenes that probably were takin out because of the studio presures. f**kin fox they piss me off
  2. @cabbageheat
    Sorry for the Anonymous comment. It was My comment...just so we are correct. :) I'm a girl. And I do hate the fact that I simply can't see Predators in time as everyone around the world. Eh...2 more weeks.
  3. i really do hope that they make these scenes into an extended cut of the movie for the blu-ray/dvd release. it will just make it more worth while. of course unless the scene is totally stupid and dosent belong. e.g. AVP-Predator having fun with the human... you know which bit im on about. as a bit of fun people what do you think they should call the extended edition? cheesy ideas are
  4. @Anonymous

    Don't worry man, you aren't missing too much.  Its a sub-par movie, with hit/miss moments, and completely missing a 3rd act for some reason.  It's generally "ok", but not great.  I wouldn't be sweating bullets over this film.
  5. You guys are considering DVDs and stuff and in my country the movie ITSELF hasn't even reached cinemas. I want to scream from anger. The director is f****g hungarian and its the last country on the list...insane.  :'(
  6. Well, some of these are clearly stuff that appeared in the trailer, which I expected to appear in the theatrical release. I'm not surprised to see that stuff being mentioned here.

    Also, there seems to be a lot more stuff about Cuchillo in there. I kinda think they downplayed him a bit in the film, and would like to see more development. Maybe these scenes will provide that.
  7. Well, the most 'interesting' one could be the Isabelle 'NAKED' scene...  :-*  >:D

    And I say 'could' because this might be a dud... Just something to spice up curiosity...

    I don't actually think she has that great of a bod, but her derrière is 'awesome'...I make mine Stans' words in the movie... I wouldn't expect nothing else from a Brazilian woman... They may somewhat lack in the front end, but the rear end is usually very generous...  

    >:D  ;D
  8. @akafighter408 the multi targeting was to get peoples attention there is no was that would fit in the actual movie why would the Berserker predator  target Royce with mutlti targeting lasers?

    think man think  :P
  9. Probably be all the scenes they used in the commercial like where Royce has all the targets on him. Never said that in the movie. Hate it when they put things in the commercials to pump up the movie and then when you go see it its not evan there.
  10. This is great news. Most DVD's and Blu-rays seem to be cutting back on the special features today in favour of the digital copy of the film. If you click on the link you can also see all the special features on the discs but there is no mention of an extended cut.

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