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Predators Deleted Scenes

The BBFC website has posted up a list of deleted scenes from Predators that will be featured on the upcoming DVD/Blu-Ray release:

  • 00:00:48:15   (DEAD MAN’S PARACHUTE)
  • 00:00:52:03   (CUCHILLO AND ISABELLE)
  • 00:01:13:21   (TEAM “ORIENTATED” GROUP)
  • 00:01:33:20   (THIRD MOST WANTED)
  • 00:00:34:04   (CUCHILLO UNLEASHES)
  • 00:02:42:03   (“WHY ARE YOU HERE?”)
  • 00:00:42:13   (“THEY’RE SMARTER THAN THAT”)
  • 00:01:25:05   (STANS AND ISABELLE NAKED)
  • 00:00:35:11   (“THEY’RE STILL COMING”)

No descriptions as of yet. Thanks to the optimistic pessimist for the link.

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