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TrailerAddict has posted three segments of behind-the-scenes B-Roll footage from Predators. (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3). There’s over 15 minutes of footage here showing various scenes being shot. Beware of spoilers because I think the last scene of the movie is in there.

 Predators Behind-The-Scenes Feature

In related news, there was a press conference in the US with director Nimrod Antal and Robert Rodriguez. Collider managed to transcribe it all. There’s a similar report about it over on Shocktilyoudrop. There’s some interesting little tidbits in there. There’s quite a long audio interview with music composer John Debney on FilmMusicMag. Lastly, for Australian fans, Predators has been rated MA15+ over there. Thanks to ace3g, Darkoo and SoulWonder for the news.

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  1. @panzytuio: I think if there was any questionable content it would have just been rated R18+. It's the classification system for games that is broken, the lack of an R equivalent either shoehorning adult games into the MA15+ category or banning/ censoring them.
  2. Going to go see this with my girlfriend.  ;D  As an American living in Aussie I'd much rather bee seeing this in the states but then I wouldn't. I just get paranoid that they censor too much stuff in Australia cuz the gov't here is gay.  >:(
  3. yea acting is good and if you dont want the movie spoiled you can watch part 2 almost to the end prolly stop watching at five minutes...i did and i still dont have a clue how this could still kicks ass and the acting is good i agree wit krusher

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