• James Cameron on Alien 5 / Prometheus

    Aliens director James Cameron has made some rare comments in a “Ask Me Anything” interview on Reddit.com a few days...

  • Alien: Isolation Release Date Announced

    SEGA and Creative Assembly have just announced the release date for Alien: Isolation at EGX Rezzed. The game will be...

  • Prometheus Sequel Set for March 2016?

    According to The Wrap, Ridley Scott’s sequel to Prometheus is set for a March 2016 release. Production will allegedly begin...

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Archive for March 2010

There’s a new eight-minute interview with Predators director Nimród Antal over on FilmSchoolRejects. This was done at the recent SXSW event in Texas. He generally talks about his experiences in shooting the film. There’s also a short interview with Adrien... [Read More]

Rebellion have released 2 patches for the PC since release. They’ve just recently announced that the 3rd is not far off and that the console versions will also be receiving some fine-tuning: “Following updates to the PC, including integration of... [Read More]

Total Film just announced that the Predators release date is August for those in the United Kingdom: “With just four months to go until the film’s July release date (it’ll hit the UK on August 11), we’ll soon be able... [Read More]

The L.A Times have just released a short interview they did with Nimrod Antal regarding Predators: “They are all predators in their own right and they are at each others throats,” Antal said. “We’re expanding the mythology but we’re also... [Read More]

Wired.com has just posted up several new images from Predators. There are some concept art and one lovely shot of Nolan: Thanks to Bear Grylls for the link.

The first Predators footage has been released online via the Official Predators Website. It’s introduced by Robert Rodriguez and shows lots of new things including the new Predators and the dogs. I especially like the cinematography as well. According to... [Read More]


Predators News

SXSW Predators Report

Predators News | By Darkness on 13 Mar 2010 7:10 AM

CinemaBlend and Bloody-Disgusting have done some nice reports on the Predators segment which was shown at the SXSW Film Festival in Texas a few hours ago. A teaser trailer was shown and a clip featuring Laurence Fishburne’s introduction after the... [Read More]

Aint It Cool News has broken the news that long time Predator comic publisher Dark Horse is going to be publishing numerous comics for Predators: “There’s a reason all of our characters end up in the position they find themselves... [Read More]

Alex Litvak, one of the writers of the redrafts of Predators, recently spoke to Screenwriters Tips and during that interview he spoke briefly about Predators. He spoke about how the Predators in the new film are different in clan and... [Read More]

There’s a new interview over on MTV Movies Blog with actress Alice Braga who will be playing Isabelle in Predators. She talks about the cast, particularly Adrian Brody and director Nimród Antal. She was also asked about an Arnie cameo... [Read More]

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