• James Cameron on Alien 5 / Prometheus

    Aliens director James Cameron has made some rare comments in a “Ask Me Anything” interview on Reddit.com a few days...

  • Alien: Isolation Release Date Announced

    SEGA and Creative Assembly have just announced the release date for Alien: Isolation at EGX Rezzed. The game will be...

  • Prometheus Sequel Set for March 2016?

    According to The Wrap, Ridley Scott’s sequel to Prometheus is set for a March 2016 release. Production will allegedly begin...

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Archive for November 2009

Predators director, Nimród Antal, has spoken about the movie in a chat with ComingSoon.net. He talks about how he got the job to direct Predators, and about the cast. He implies they will be going practical for the Predator costumes... [Read More]

A new official video has been released by Sega. This shows interviews with various people who attended the event intercut with some new direct-feed footage from multiplayer. There’s a glimpse of the Runner alien too towards the end of the... [Read More]

KGNB News has just recently posted up an article saying that Predators has done some filming at Lake Gorge: “A little bit of Hollywood came to Comal County last week when a film crew from Austin used a portion of... [Read More]

This has been a big issue for a lot of folk out there but Rebellion recently came out and issued a statement regarding dedicated servers for AvP: “Despite rumours, Rebellion has always been planning to support dedicated servers for AvP... [Read More]

Those of you who read our EuroGamer report should remember that I mentioned DLC content was going to be tied into pre-orders. Well Sega recently confirmed this: “Eager AvP fans who pre-order the game will each receive three character skins,... [Read More]

It’s been relatively quiet on news regarding the previously mentioned Blu-Ray releases for the Alien films. However Digital Bits has just posted up this little tidbit: “We’ve reconfirmed with our studio and industry sources that the long-awaited Alien Anthology box... [Read More]

Three short new gameplay videos have been posted up on Game Trailers.com: Aliens gameplay Marine gameplay Predator gameplay All three videos are just over a minute long, editing in footage from the trailers and new gameplay footage from the single... [Read More]

Another trailer for Alien vs Predator has surfaced, this one showcasing DirectX11: It’s mostly pieced together from the marine and predator trailers with a long section showing off Dx11 and the tessellation details. Looks pretty cool. Check it out. Thanks... [Read More]

Game Informer recently posted up a short article regarding the status of Gearbox’s Colonial Marines: “I’ll tell you this: We love Aliens. You guys know that. You guys did a cover story, you know how much we care about it.... [Read More]


Predators News

Predators Script Leaked!

Predators News | By Darkness on 11 Nov 2009 6:31 PM

A recent draft of the Predators script has been leaked onto the forum earlier today. You may remember Latino Review gave their impressions of it in September. It’s the same script dated July 12, 2009 by Mike Finch and Alex... [Read More]

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