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First Look at Predators Script!

There’s a very interesting video commentary on LatinoReview who has had a look at a draft of the script dated July 12, 2009. The first look is very positive. They say the script is ‘awesome’ and providing Fox let Rodriguez handle everything, Fox will have a blockbuster on their hands by next summer. Here’s the main points:

-The script isn’t PG13, it’s a ‘bloody, violent, hard R script reminiscent of the original’.
-Story takes place on the Predators’ homeplanet… Picture it as one big jungle from the cretaceous period.
-Opening sequence takes place with our main character, Royce, chasing down something on a rooftop. The sequence ends with him killing his prey with the Predator watching. The Predator then kidnaps him. We next see the character parashooting onto the Predator planet.
-Soon after we meet seven other characters who also parashooted onto the planet: Cuchillo, Nikolai, Isabelle, Stans, Mombasa, Hanzo, and Edwin.
-They soon realise they’re prey in a game of cat and mouse and they take off on the run in the jungle. The Predator planet is a game reserve.
-A ‘Black Super Predator’ leads the hunting party of two other Super Predators.
-The characters eventually hook up with an American soldier called Nolan hiding in a cave. They find out that the Predators have been dropping humans into the game preserve for years.
-The script includes a cameo appearance from Arnie.

Thanks to Darkoo for the news.

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