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Neil Marshall For Predators?

This is certainly interesting. According to Bloody Disgusting Fox is almost close to signing Neil Marshall to direct Predators:

“I’m sure the boys over at Aint it Cool News can confirm this with Rodriguez when it’s official, but Bloody-Disgusting is being told that NEIL MARSHALL is close to signing on to direct PREDATORS for 20th Century Fox. To be clear, the deal is NOT SIGNED just yet, but getting closer.”

I would have thought he’d be more likely to direct an Alien film – in fact there were rumors about him being involved in Alien 5 – but he’s certainly a fantastic director. Seems like Fox are taking these new films seriously. Thanks to Undeadite for the link.

UPDATE: Aint It Cool News has confirmed that Marshall is one of the directors Rodriguez is looking at: “I can tell you with ABSOLUTE CERTAINTY that Neil Marshall is one of about 7 names that Robert is looking at and meeting with right now. Neil wants this gig badly, but then so do the other folks.”

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