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Alien vs Predator US TV Spots

Alien vs Predator TV Spots are making their way across US television this week with clips shown on the TechTV network and Fox. Here’s what Rafael had to say:

“Here in America at 10:40 or so at night on Monday evening I saw the very first tv spot for AVP. It was about 20 seconds/30 seconds long and unlike the one shown on IFILM the classical music played through out and showed scenes shown in the theatrical trailer. I was so excited I barely caught a glimpse of the new phrases shooting across the screen, although one reference to ‘hell’ was made.. and omg, just now at 11:06 at night they showed the tv spot from IFILM! This was all on the TECHTV network.”

It certainly appears that Fox is finally getting the promotional campaign for AvP going now. Thanks to Celtic and Rafael for the news.

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